Why Synthetic Hair Can Be Dangerous

Why Synthetic Hair Can Be DangerousEveryone who has bought or is planning to buy extensions or a wig was confronted with the choice between synthetic and real human hair. There are many articles that debate which one is better by weighing out the pros and cons of each one. In our opinion it is safe to say that real human hair is always a better choice for a number of different reasons. First of all, it simply looks a hundred times better. Not to mention it lasts significantly longer, can be dyed and styled, is soft to the touch, easy to maintain, blends perfectly, and is safer. Synthetic extensions or wigs look unnatural, plastic, and often just weird. You can’t dye them, straighten or curl them, or even blend properly. Their lifespan is simply laughable compared to real human hair and the only advantage many like to mention is the low price. This is also debatable, because Remy extensions have gotten significantly cheaper over the years and you can now buy them for a very decent price.

But even all of the disadvantages of synthetic hair would be ok if someone is prepared to deal with that if it wasn’t for the fact that synthetic hair can be very dangerous. This is a not something that’s widely known, but it should definitely be taken into consideration if you’re planning on buying synthetic extensions or wig. So don’t get tricked by low prices and first inform yourself what negative effects can synthetic extensions and wigs have on your natural strands and scalp.

It Is Hard to Determine the Quality of Synthetic Hair

The first problem one comes across when purchasing synthetic extensions or wigs is the fact that it’s practically impossible to determine how the hair was manufacture and what its real quality is. The only thing to go by is the price, but that is very misleading and usually doesn’t reflect quality at all. When it comes to real human hair, it is very apparent what you’re buying. There are different types of human hair and you know the quality of each one. For example, Remy hair has very strict rules for manufacturing so you know exactly what kind of hair has been used, how it has been processed and what the quality actually is. That doesn’t exist when it comes to synthetic strands so sellers can manipulate the prices and descriptions. You might think that you’re getting high-quality synthetic extensions because you paid more for them, when it fact you’re getting mass produced cheap hair that looks horrific. So it’s basically lottery because you never know what you’re going to get and that’s definitely not a good way to do business.

Low-Grade Materials Can Have a Negative Effect on Your Hair and Skin

Basically, synthetic hair consists of plastic fibers that are made to resemble real strands. How good that resemblance is, is another topic, but what’s more interesting is the materials that are used to make it. You can never know the exact materials it has been made out of, but usual ones are monofilament fibers, acrylic, and polyester. All of those materials can be lower or higher in quality, but the real danger is in low grade materials that can have very harmful effects. For example, there are many studies that link acrylic materials to cancer, and polyester is known to be very low-quality and can cause irritation to the skin. Some girls may not experience any negative effects while wearing synthetic wigs or extensions, but other who have very sensitive skin could. Wigs and extensions are in constant contact with your scalp and skin on your face and neck and having such low-grade materials around it is certainly not healthy.  

Synthetic Hair is Flammable

Why Synthetic Hair Can Be DangerousOne of the main issues with synthetic fibers is that they’re highly flammable and non-resistant to heat. That can be very dangerous considering that most girls want to use hot tools on their extensions or wig. When low-quality synthetic hair comes in contact with heat, it can literally burn and melt. So, imagine what can happen if your synthetic extensions (that are mixed in with your natural hair) melt away. You could literally lose all of your hair or have to cut it in order to remove that burnt mess.  

Synthetic Hair Can Cause Irritation to The Scalp

The skin on the scalp is a very sensitive area because it is covered in hair and isn’t exposed as other areas of the body. Many girls get rashes and irritation simply from using a strong shampoo, so imagine what low-quality artificial materials can do. If your scalp is very sensitive, you should definitely avoid any type of synthetic extensions or wigs.

Synthetic Extensions or Wigs Might Lead to Bacteria and Fungus Growth

Synthetic extensions, and especially wigs do not allow skin on the scalp to breathe which is very unhealthy. The scalp then gets very warm and moist which is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. This can happen very easily with synthetic wigs because they cover the entirety of your head. Not to mention all the dirt that builds up from all the sweat.

Artificial Strands Can Easily Get Tangled and Matted

Synthetic hair deteriorates in quality very quickly and just a couple of washes is enough for it to become a huge tangled mess, no matter how much you brush it. This might not seem like a big danger because you can simply take the damaged extensions off and problem solved, but that’s not exactly true. Synthetic extensions are blended with natural strands and if they get extremely matted, you might not be able to take them off that easily. If your natural strands get tangled up with the synthetic ones, the only way out might be to cut the hair and that’s not something anybody wants to experience. So in order to avoid all of the dangers that synthetic hair poses, buy quality human hair extensions or wigs and be kind to your precious locks.

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Why Synthetic Hair Can Be Dangerous

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