Hair Extensions Care: Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Hair Extensions Care: Maintenance Tips and Tricks
Taking proper care of your extensions is imperative and is something you should take very seriously. If you neglect your hair, very quickly you’ll see that your beautiful extensions don’t look so nice anymore and you will have to replace them. That means spending more money and time. To avoid that situation, you simply need to follow a couple of simple rules in order for your hair to be shiny and healthy. These tips will also extend the lifespan of your extensions significantly, so if you want to get most out of them, make sure to apply these tips and tricks to your hair.

Hair Extensions Brushing

Combing your hair is one of the most crucial parts of the maintenance and after care. It may not seem as important but if you don’t brush your strands regularly, you will experience matting and tangling. That means your extensions will not look good at all and will quickly become unwearable.

In order to extend the life of your extensions, you should learn how to properly brush them and also what kind of comb to actually use while doing it.

Types of Hair Brushes To Use

When you brush hair extensions, a double row steel tooth comb is always better than a plastic or wooden ones that are known to damage hair strands. If you want to use a brush, there a couple of ones you can choose from: a loop brush, nylon bristle brush, and a boar bristle brush.

The looper brush is used any time that you need less tension, so that is great with synthetic hair or curly extensions. The nylon bristle brush is used to do massive detangling. So any time that you have human hair that is pre-bonded or in fine strands, this is the best brush to use. There are also brushes that are made specifically for extensions and are very non-damaging, so you should definitely look into those as well.

How to Brush Hair Extensions?

You can brush your hair while it’s wet and while it’s dry. The process is very similar and interchangeable. The general rules are to be very gentle and careful. You should under no circumstance brush aggressively or pull on the strands. That can lead to damage on both the extensions and your natural locks. The brushing process should be repeated a couple of times a day and this is something you should not forget to do. If you comb it regularly, you will have no problems with tangling and won’t need to buy new extensions every couple of months.

So to brush your hair while it’s wet, after you have washed it, you should first towel dry it. But don’t rub it aggressively with the towel because that can cause further tangles and matting, simply tap it gently. You can also use this brushing technique in the shower too if you have a little bit of conditioner in your hair, but out of the shower works just as well.

After you have towel dried, spray in a leave-in conditioner because it will not affect the bonds of the extensions and it keeps the hair really soft and manageable. Firstly, run your finger through your locks in order to see if you have a lot of knots. Usually what people do is find a knot and yank at it and then the extension either falls out or pulls out your own strands which is something you definitely want to avoid. So instead take small sections of the hair and starting from the bottom, gently untangle it piece by piece. Always hold the section of the hair with your hand and continue working up. Just be patient and your hair will be tangle-free no time!

How to Avoid Hair Extensions Tangling?

How to Avoid Hair Extensions Tangling?
Let’s be honest, all extensions tangle, no matter how expensive or high-quality they are. Your natural hair tangles as well, so it’s only logical that extensions do the same thing. Although you can never avoid it completely, you can do things that will significantly reduce it.

The first is of course the brushing. So make sure you carry a comb in your bag at all times. That way, when you go to the bathroom, you can quickly brush your locks on the go.

When sleeping with your extensions, tie your hair in a ponytail or make a braid. That will prevent the strands from moving around too much and creating knots. The friction of the hairs is what creates tangling and that can be avoided by tying it down. And of course, if you have clip in extensions, always take them out before going to bed, there is no need to sleep with them.

Lastly, use high quality products that will help you with preventing tangling. There are so many available so you can definitely find something that suits your needs.

How to Minimize Hair Extensions Shedding?

Your natural hair sheds about 100 strands a day, so it’s no wonder that extensions shed as well. Even though they’re attached to a weft, when you brush through them, wash them, or style them, they are going to shed at least a little bit. Therefore, any extensions whether they’re clip in or the ones that you have bonded in your hair, they all have a lifespan and it’s anywhere from three months to a year or longer. It depends on how you wear them, style them, and wash them.

In order to prevent shedding, you shouldn’t use many products or wash your hair too often. Most of the time, you don’t need any products on the hair, it is only for special occasions or nights out. Therefore, the less products you use on your hair, the less often you need to wash your hair. If you wash your strands too often, they becomes more and more dry and that results in more shedding.

Hair Extensions Dying and Curling

How to Minimize Hair Extensions Shedding?
Since our extensions are made of the real human hair, you can dye and curl them. However, our hair has been processed to even out the color and technically, it is no longer considered virgin hair, therefore, we don’t recommend doing that by yourself as one need a very skilled hair stylist to do so. Inappropriate treatment can and will make hair dry, resulting to dry, falling out and tangled hair. What if you have already damaged your extensions? Please send them back to us and we will replace them for a small fee.

If your hair is not matching the extensions color, you can instead dye your natural locks. This is a much easier and safer thing to do and you don’t have to worry about ruining your extensions. You can get advice about what hair color to use from your stylist.

Curing or straightening your locks should be done as little as possible if you have extensions because the heat could damage them over time. But occasional use of hot tools should be fine and it’s actually a good way to blend in your extensions better. Matching the texture of your natural strands will result in a seamless mix and nobody will ever notice that you actually have extensions.

Hair Washing and Drying

How Often Should You Wash Extensions?

Despite what you might think, you should wash your extensions very rarely. The reason why you wash your natural hair so often is oils that come from the roots of the hair and make it greasy. Extensions don’t have a scalp so there’s nothing making them oily or dirty. That happens only if you use a lot of products on it.

We generally recommend that you wash AiryHair extensions only after 30 wears. So that’s once a month if you wear them every day. That might not seem like enough, but trusts us, it is optimum.

What Hair Products to Use?

We ask our customers to use a high quality, mild shampoo. You should be careful when choosing which products to use because some of them might not be right. Anything that has a lot of different chemicals or is very harsh on the hair is not good. The more natural the shampoo is, the better. You want something that will moisturise and revive, as well as give shine to the hair.

It is also recommended that you use a leave in conditioner that is suitable for your hair texture. It will restore the shine of your hair and keep in healthy for a long time. You should avoid any other products like hair spray or too much oil because that will require you to wash your strands more often which is not good in the long run.

Blow Drying Extensions

Although it is recommended that you leave your hair to air dry naturally, sometimes you simply don’t have time for that. In that case, use a blow dryer on low temperature and apply a heat protectant. First concentrate on removing moisture from the roots of the hair, where the extensions are attached. Now you should section off your hair in four parts and clip it away. Take one section of the hair and place a round brush underneath it and the nozzle of the blow-dryer over the hair. Make sure that the airflow is facing down and the blow-dryer should follow the brush all the way down to the ends of the hair. Repeat this process on all the different sections until your locks are completely dry.

How to Store Hair Extensions?

Hair Extensions Washing and Drying
When not wearing them, please store hair extensions in the original package and put them in in a cool, well ventilated place. To use them again, simply take them out and shake gently. You should also brush your extensions before storing them and tie them into a ponytail. Avoid just taking your wefts and sticking them into a box. Be more careful with this process in order to have nice hair when you take it out.

What is the Lifetime of Hair Extensions?

To prolong the lifetime of your hair extensions, we recommend buying two or more sets of the same item. This will allow you to treat them properly, without rushing and / or damaging hair.

All in all, the lifetime of hair extensions is determined by you. With a proper care, they can last up to 6 months or more. That’s why you should take your time and do the maintenance, it will save you a lot of money and time. There are many tutorials and videos that explain extensions aftercare in great detail. That way you can find a routine that fits you and your type of extensions best. There is really no excuse not to do it.

If you are not sure how to treat and / or maintain hair extensions, please send them back to us (does not apply to tape-in or u-tip hair) and we will replace them. The shipping costs are paid by the customer.

How to Repair Damaged Hair Extensions?

How to Repair Damaged Hair Extensions
If you didn’t take care of your extensions properly, don’t despair, there still might be a chance to restore them into shape. If you neglected them and didn’t brush or wash them, they’re probably in a pretty bad state and definitely not wearable, but before you throw them out and replace them, there are a couple of things you can try to revive them.

Use a tangle teaser and a loop brush to get rid of all the knots and tangles. Be very thorough and patient. Now you should place your extensions in warm water and add some conditioner in it. Leave it for at least a couple of hours, but it is best to leave it overnight. The conditioner will hopefully restore some of the moisture and shine to your hair.

Take it out of the water, rinse slightly, and dry with a towel. Now comb the hair one more time and leave to air dry. Your wefts should now be in a pretty good state and wearable again.

Remember, it all depends on how damaged the extensions are, unfortunately some are just unfixable and there is nothing you can do. In that case, you will need to buy new hair.

Hopefully, this article has shown you the importance of aftercare and maintenance and how to actually do it. If you’re still feeling unsure, ask your hair stylist for more advice.