How Do I Remove My Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions can offer an instant solution to altering your appearance with your hair. When purchasing a clip-in, you want to ensure that it is of high quality (like the clip-in hair extensions available at Airy Hair). A low-quality extension may not produce the desired reaction you’re looking for.

Once you’ve used the extension, it’s time to remove it. While hair extensions come from many manufacturers, the basic design is similar across the board. This means there are universal tips to keep in mind when removing them.

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Basic practices to follow when removing clip-in hair extension (these tips will help to avoid removing your own hair in the process):

  1. Ensure That the Hair is Tangle Free

  2. If the hair is matted, stiff, or tangled from the additional use of product (such as holding sprays or gels), take time to ensure the troubled areas are removed. The hair needs to follow its natural form before you attempt to remove the clip-in hair extensions.

    You may also need to use detangling products or a fine mist of water. Work your way through the hair with your fingers or a brush. Alternatively, you can opt to use a large toothed comb as this helps to eliminate any clumping from holding products. Ensure that you have smoothed out any tangled areas in the hair before proceeding.

  3. Section the Hair

  4. Part the hair just above where the extensions were placed. This will reveal where they have been attached to the hair. If you want, you can also part your natural hair just below the point where the clip-ins have been attached. This additional step will make removing them a bit easier.

  5. Remove the Clip-In Hair Extensions

  6. Secure your hair in one hand, gently lift and slide the clip hair extension out of the hair. When doing this, be attentive to any pull on your scalp. If you feel that you are pulling on the hair too much, stop and begin detangling it a bit more. This will assist you to avoid losing any hair.

    During the removal process, press your thumbs down and apply pressure outward with the index fingers. The clip should snap open with ease. If there is more than a single clip-in one section, you will need to open all the clips before you pull out the extensions for the section.

  7. Detangle the Clip-In Hair Extensions

  8. After you slide the clip-in hair extensions out of the hair, inspect them to ensure that they do not have any knots. Then use a brush or comb (and your chosen detangling product if necessary) to smooth out the hair. If they clip-in is not too tangled, you may simply use your fingers.

  9. Dry and Store the Clip-In Hair Extensions

  10. If the clip-in extensions have dampness from using a fine spray of water, air dry the extensions before storing. If you’re on a time crunch, use the lowest setting possible on a blow dryer. Once you dry the clip-in hair extensions, you will need to store them until you need to use them again.

    Pick a cool, dry place where you will store them, preferably a case. Ensure the extensions are not exposed to direct sunlight at any time. UV lights can break the hair down quickly, it will start to fade and look old with time. This leads to the degradation of the extension.

    The best way to ensure the extensions retain their original appearance is to store them in a custom casing, or the original packaging from the manufacturer. Ensure that they are stored in a box that is long and wide enough to hold the full length. Never place them in a clump, with time, they will accumulate moisture and become entangled if you do.

    Other Useful Tips to Keep in Mind

    One useful tip about clip-in hair extensions – have more than one. You can have different types of clip-ins for different events or seasons. Airy Hair clip-in hair extensions are quite affordable. Collect multiple designs and colors.

    If you do not plan to use clip-in hair extensions for a while, check often that the extensions are not accumulating moisture. If you have free time, take out your extensions and brush them gently to ensure that they remain free of knots.

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How Do I Remove My Clip-In Hair Extensions?

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