Tape-in Hair Extension Application Steps



Tape-in Hair Extension Application Steps

Want a super quick and easy way to lengthen and thicken your natural locks or add color highlights? Order AiryHair tape-in hair extensions online in 10- to 30-inch lengths. Check out our Texture Guide for help picking between straight and multiple wavy and curly options for your tape extensions. Then select from assorted standard to wild shades. Do-it-yourselfers love the simple application process for these 100-percent human hair additions.

Bonding Basics

Our real tape-in tresses are soft, lightweight, comfortable, flexible, and easy to style, unlike those other brands with synthetic extensions that feel fake and lose their shape. Invisible adhesive application creates a natural look as if your own mane’s appearance improved suddenly. AiryHair’s gentle attachment with double-sided tape sticking to parted rooted sections functions well and minimizes damage. Follow these how-to steps:

  1. Clean your own tresses: Preparation starts with washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo twice so it’s squeaky clean. Removing dirt, oil, and styling product residue and buildup will help extensions stick better. Dry completely.

Short on time? Cleanse just the areas where you’ll attach strips. Part your locks into sections according to Step 2. Pour alcohol on a cotton ball. Sweep it lightly across parting lines. Avoid overusing alcohol to prevent harsh dryness and root damage.

  1. Section hair: Work with two mirrors or trade off extension application favors with friends. For longer or thicker additions, start one or two inches from your neck’s base. Part your lowest strands with a rat-tail comb in a straight horizontal stroke. Pin the upper hair on top of your head with the bottom hanging below. Just under the parting line, separate a thin segment matching the attachment’s width.

To add a few color highlights, draw a horizontal parting line just below your crown. Lower it if your hair is thin in that area. Also avoid wispy areas close to your face. Thicker sections prevent extensions’ bonds from being visible.

  1. Insert pieces: Warm tape with a flat iron. When starting from your neckline, stick the first extension on parted strands below the root enough to prevent scalp tension discomfort as hair moves. Keep affixing strips to complete the first horizontal row. On the second thin row above, position a narrow segment of your own hair to cover the first addition you placed slightly. Add another bundle over that section to sandwich your natural locks in between two extensions.

Rooted hair in the middle that’s too thick will reduce the adhesive’s secure hold. Align top and bottom extensions’ tape strips. Press bundle bonds together firmly. Repeat more rows upward toward your crown, stopping when you achieve your desired look. Reverse the order for highlights, working downward to your neck.

After Attachment CareAfter Attachment Care

Hair products: Maintenance begins with waiting 48 hours before washing attached extensions with sulfate-free shampoo. Condition your lower length, avoiding higher bonded areas to keep adhesive secure. Skip all oil-based hair care products that could loosen the tapes’ hold.

Brushing: Careful regular brushing from ends to roots removes tangles. Lift up hair sections a few times per week to check for knots around bonds. Grab the lower part and brush it first without pulling on fastened tape. Be gentler as you move upward toward your scalp.

Styling: Blow-drying your mane on low will prevent tape-in bonds from weakening. They respond well to all heat tools including curling irons, and styling makes extensions look their best. Because they add volume, your own fine strands don’t undergo as much heat exposure to appear fuller.

Overnight: Sleep with completely dry hair in a ponytail or loose braid on a silk pillowcase to preserve your extensions’ bonds while avoiding tangling and damage.

Coloring: Since AiryHair extensions are 100-percent human hair, you can color them along with your own tresses. But it’s better if you contact us to exchange them for the color you desire.

Duration: Most tape-in extensions can stay in place until hair grows 1.5-2 inches. A partial set that boosts volume without significant lengthening lasts 8-10 weeks. Going to extreme lengths with a full-head application averages three to four months.

Removal and Replacement

To continue your enhanced look, order AiryHair replacements before detaching your current set. Consider upgrading to custom tape hair extensions with exciting extra options. When they arrive, bundle removal is a fast, simple process. Applying an oil-based formula breaks down the adhesive, so strips peel gently away from your locks. Then start over with the cleaning and bonding steps above.


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