Top 10+ Inspiring & Wild Hair Extension Coloring Trends (2021)

Go Wild or Go Home with These Crazy Hair Colors.


From stars to heart shapes and much more. These pictures will give you ideas that you did not think were even feasible.

One of the many benefits of AiryHair is the fact that we are one of the very few (if not the only one) hair extension providers that can create any type of hair extensions. Be it a new and never before seen attachment type, colors that don’t exist in the typical color ring, or coon tail/print/zig-zag hair extensions that seem to be a newly discovered and quickly growing trend.

Today, we are going to list some of the best hair coloring trends that you can either do yourself or buy in form of clip-ins, tape-ins, or flip-ins.

Side note: if you want to order any of these in a form of hair extensions, please visit our custom hair page, type in preferred hair length, hair type (natural or synthetic), color, style (we prefer pictures) and we will get back to you with a price quote within minutes.

1 Coon Tail Hair

Coontail hairstyle

Believe or not but this specific hairstyle has first appeared back in the 80s and it was Japan who popularized it through various shows and media. No, anime is not the only thing that they are good at.

You either dig it or not. However, it was one of the most popular trends just recently. Oh, and not in the United States.

2 Heart Pattern Hair

Heart pattern hair

Now, this is a bit more extreme than the others, but it will fit both men and women. Popularized by growing YouTube star, Matthew Lush (and created by Alaina), it will be perfect for, you guessed it, Valentine’s day.

The only sensible way to rock this look is with extensions or hair wig. Don’t ruin your hair

3 Star Hair Tattoo

Star hair tattoo

There are four different ways to make hair pattern/print hairstyle. One is to use the actual star stickers and simply apply them to your hair. Another involves burning your hair (also known as the hair tattoo) while the third one is achieved by using star shapes and color spray. The last option is the simplest: clip-in extension strands with star texture.

For the uniqueness factor, I’d go with a hair tattoo, just not on your hair.

4 Skunk Streaks

Skunk streaks hair

Despite its weird name, the so-called skunk streaks are another interesting take on hair and are similar to that of coon tails. The only difference? Yes, skunk streaks, and just like with coons, this one has also originated from Japan.

How many weird hairstyles can Japan invent? Seriously.

5 Zig-Zag Hair Dye

Zig zag hairstyle

Another take on skunk or raccoon hair dye style. Simple yet very effective zig-zag look. By experimenting with various colors and not just black or white, you can create a stunning hairstyle. Be careful though, too much of crazy might make hair look trashy, which is probably something you don’t want.

I find this one bit too extreme for my own taste.

6 Colorful Shapes

Various shapes hairstyle

At the first sight it might look like an inverse zig-zag hair dye and you are right. However, you can do so much more than that!

How about matching a specific necklace ornament with your hair? Or blouse pattern with your hair? What we are saying is: the possibilities are endless as long as you are open to various shapes dye. The absolute favorite of simple hairstyles.

7 Diamond and Bat Stripes

Diamond and bats hairstyle

If you don’t feel like creating shapes on your own, there is a pre-made and pretty popular choice: dye diamond and bat stripes, like the girl in the picture above. Is it too much? Well, it depends on a person but in this situation, it looks neat.

It’s like the heart pattern for Valentine’s day, just turned all the way to 11. If you dial it down a bit and add your favorite characters from cartoons or anime shows… Now that’s something I would be open to doing.

8 Cruella de Vil Hair Dye

Cruella de Vil hair dyeing (two tones)

If you want to feel or look like a Disney villain, then look no further than at the Cruella’s de Vil hairstyle. Thanks to Nicole from Sydney, this look became a reality and a growing trend. However, you don’t have to settle with black and white, as it seems that women have started creating their own styles and color combos.

It’s like a vertical ombre, just with two colors and a dip-dye technique.

9 Neon Hair Dyes

Neon hair dye

While previous hair dyes were on an easier side (unless you get hair extensions), we are entering the hardcore territory. Check out the best of glow in the dark hair for some awesome ideas.

These are too awesome not to try. Seriously, you live only once, right?

10 Galaxy Hair Dyes

Galaxy hair dye

If the neon hair dye looks way too extreme for you, then meet our next contender: galaxy hair, which will up the notch even more. Just on a different scale. Few of my girlfriends were unsure on why anyone would dye hair like that? I on the other hand is open to any trendy ideas.

Some of these hair dyes are absolutely mind blowing, and you can see more of these in our galaxy hair dyes post.

11 Rainbow Hair Colors

Rainbow hair dye

Last but not least is another fan favorite: rainbow hair dyes. From few color blends to absolutely bizarre and awesome color choices. The good news? We have collected more than twenty of such hair dyes and published them here, check the rainbow color ideas post from earlier this year.

It’s one of the oldest techniques known to man. Some women can pull this look easy while others need to look for something else.

What Now?

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