Top 11+ Cool Hair Extension Facts & Myths Debunked (2022)

Misleading Hair Extensions Information Debunked.


In this article, we’re going to debunk the most widespread hair extension myths. It will be very helpful for you or anyone that thinks about buying hair extensions. This also applies to women that have had a bad experience with hair extensions before.

Hopefully, this will clear the air for you and allow you to enjoy long hair without any fear or regrets.

Why Are Hair Extensions So Popular Anyway?

6+ Hair Extension Myths Debunked (2019)

Who thought about them in the first place? In addition to adding length to your hair, extra strands can be used to change your hair color or highlight shades without damaging or dyeing anything yourself

If you have a darker color and you don’t want to permanently dye your hair, you can always put an ombre set or a lighter hair color and blend it in. That’s one of the easiest way to get instant highlights or an Ombre hair color.

It’s a great way to try out different hair colors without any permanent changes. Hair extensions are also popular because of the unlimited hairstyles you can do. Having extensions gives you so much variety for hairstyles! Think braids, voluminous curls, or just any style that you’ve always wanted to try. Three-tone, Balayage or Ombre hair extensions? We have them all. It gives you endless options to be creative with your hair.

When it comes to different types of hair extensions, there are a lot on the market. What do we recommend? The safest and simplest method of hair extensions is clip-ins. They can be taken in or out whenever you want. If you take care of them well, they can last for a long time, more so than a permanent method. Now, what about the hair extension myths?

Hair Extension Myths

1 Hair Extensions Damage Your Natural Hair

Hair Extensions Damage Your Natural Hair

This is one of the biggest myths. You must have already heard that extensions will make your hair damaged, cause thinning issues, or any other damage. That is not true.

If extensions are installed properly and you take good care of your hair, you should not worry about any hair damage. If you are still on the edge, just try clip-ins that can be removed post-party, wedding or any other night out.

2 Hair Extensions Won’t Blend in With Your Hair

Here’s another misconception about hair extensions. Even today at work I was asked whether or not extensions can blend it. The color match is not the only concern for new buyers. What about weight? We have a professional hair extensions guide that will help you to pick a perfect set!

There are three different types of hair extension thicknesses and it’s easy to match them to your hair. Color is even easier. You can either take a picture and send to us (without filters) or order one of the color rings to see AiryHair color options in real life.

3 People Will Notice My Hair Extensions

Ah, the old play on insecurities and misleading facts. Women might be even afraid of trying a fresh look because of this old saying. No, people will not notice your hair extensions and can never tell. Unless you install them at the end of your locks or do anything out of ordinary, this one is not true.

You must have seen Hollywood celebrities with long hair. Most of them have extensions glued in, and does anyone notice? No.

Here’s a piece of simple advice: never clip them in too close to the top of your head. Otherwise, clips might show if a gust of wind comes your way or if you’re shaking your head. What about other options? It’s even less obvious. You have invisible tapes, wefts, keratin fusion, and more methods. Nobody will ever know that you’re wearing hair extensions.

4 Hair Extensions are Uncomfortable to Wear

Hair Extensions are Uncomfortable to Wear

Due to the poor-quality hair or old-school things, this myth was true in the 19th and 20th centuries but not anymore. Today’s wigs are made of high-quality laces and hair extensions that blend in with your hair. There are silicone clips, keratin capsules that add to your strands, and more. We haven’t heard anyone complain.

Does the head feel heavier at first? Of course, just like if you were to add a winter hat, but a few moments later it’s unnoticeable. The best part? It never bothers you, does not cause itches, rashes, or anything. It’s real hair after all! Get a high-quality set and you won’t have any problems. Hair will be flexible, allowing different hairstyles and you’ll be able to move or blend them into any direction.

5 Hair Extensions are Expensive

It’s important to note that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on extra strands. Of course, it is important to buy good quality extensions. However, if you take good care of your newly purchased friends, they can last for up to a year. You can get your money’s worth in that time. Clip-ins, if not worn every day, tend to last for multiple years.

The key is buying fair-priced, high-quality extensions and making sure to maintain them properly. Fifty to a hundred bucks for a year or two of wear is not exactly a lot, considering benefits.

6 Hair Extensions are Hard to Maintain

This myth is extremely common. A lot of women think that hair extensions just get knotty and are hard to deal with after a while. However, with most hair extensions, if you take good care of them, none of that is true. A simple brushing will eliminate any micro tangling. Just like when you are brushing your hair. Then, occasional washing, which gets rid of the oils from your head. It’s not exactly rocket science!

For more please see our post about hair extensions care and styling tips.

Cool Facts About Hair Extensions

Cool Facts About Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are ubiquitous. Even those people who have never worn any type of extensions know what clip-ins are and how they work. Even complete beginners find it so easy to attach and remove them. For all clip-in lovers and those who are going to become one, we have compiled a list of ten cool facts about clip-in extensions that you might not know about. Some are very surprising!

7 Many Celebrities Wear Clip-in Extensions

If you ever wondered how celebrities manage to have such great hairstyles that look flawless at all times, you might be surprised that many of them cheat a little bit with AiryHair clip-in extensions. So no, it is not just their natural hair because they got some help from wefts. Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Rhianna, Ariana Grande are just some of them. So, if you want to look like a celebrity, now you know the secret recipe for gorgeous locks.

8 Girls Wear Clip-ins for Their Wedding Day

Every girl dream about her wedding day and everything must be perfect for that special occasion. That’s understandable because it’s something that (hopefully) happens once in a lifetime and everyone wants to look flawless on their wedding day pictures.

Hair is a very important aspect of the whole wedding look. However, the problem is that many girls simply don’t have enough hair to make those gorgeous wedding hairstyles. That’s why most girls use clip-in extensions for their wedding day and that’s a common practice. It allows you to make any hairstyle you want for that special day and when it’s over, you can simply take the wefts off.

9 You Can Replace the Clips

You Can Replace the Clips

When your clips detach from the wefts, don’t be so quick to throw your extensions in the thrash. You can replace the clips easily and extend the life of the wefts. Simply detach the damaged clip and sew in a new one. This is a simple hack that every girl who wears clip-in extensions should know about.

10 You Can Make Your Own Clip-in Extensions

Did you know that you can make your clip-in extensions at home? That’s right, you can be a DIY girl and make custom wefts. We will need weft extensions, some clips, scissors, thread, and a needle. Cut the weft extensions to the desired width, sew in the clips, and voila! You have just made your clip-in extensions. But if you’re not a crafty girl, simply buy them and save yourself the trouble.

11 Clip-ins Existed for 100 Years

Now, clip-ins have a long history and were applied even in the 1900s. That’s right, people have been wearing clip-in extensions for more than a hundred years! Of course, those vintage wefts were not as good and modern ones but still did their job.


Hopefully, you can now act accordingly and make the correct decision. Let the fear disappear as we have got rid of pretty much every myth imaginable. They blend perfectly, don’t tangle, and are easy to care for. Just wash with your hair and that will be it.

Truth be told, extensions are much easier to live with than any other beauty product. Think long nails, high-heels, etc. All of these cause some discomfort, extensions do not.


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