How Do I Care for My Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Airy Hair affordable clip-in hair extensions are made from real human hair. Like your own hair, these extensions need to be cared for and treated carefully in order to keep them looking beautiful. Proper care also helps extensions to last longer. Because clip-in hair extensions are removable and not permanent, you don’t have to wash them as often as semi-permanent extensions. You should wash these extensions about every 15 to 20 times used. You should also consider washing extensions when they become difficult to style – this usually happens because of excessive product buildup.

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When caring for and washing your Clip-In Hair Extensions, it is best to follow these steps:

  1. Brush Your Extensions

  2. Be sure to brush your clip-in hair extensions to eliminate matted and tangled hair. Brushing the extensions carefully and gently ensures they are tangle free before you wash them. If they are still tangled before the washing process begins, they will tangle even further during washing. This may result in less thorough washing and a decline in their overall appearance and quality over time.

  3. Choose Hair Care Products Carefully

  4. When choosing hair care products to clean clip-in hair extensions from airy hair, be mindful of choosing the best possible products to extend the life and appearance of your extensions. Choose a mild shampoo to wash them. The milder the shampoo, the better it is for your extensions and the longer they will last. A mild baby shampoo will ensure that the extensions are well cleaned but also well maintained. Harsher shampoos such as those used on real hair may break down the extension and shorten its lifespan.

  5. Use Leave in Conditioner on Extension(s)

  6. For shiny and healthy-looking clip-in hair extensions, be sure to use leave in conditioner every time you wash them. After the shampooing process – with even the gentlest of shampoos – the extension should be re-conditioned. To keep your clip in extensions looking healthy and beautiful, use high-end, leave in conditioner to re-hydrate the hair. This keeps it looking new as you wear and style it each time. This will extend the life of your clip-in hair extensions.

  7. Let Clip-In Extensions Dry Naturally

  8. After you’ve completed the washing process, it is always best to allow your clip in extensions to dry naturally. This entire process is about cleaning your extensions gently, and the drying process is no exception. Allow the extensions to lay out and air dry after they are washed. If you are in a rush and you must use a hair dryer on them, be sure to use the lowest settings available. The less heat and the gentlest airflow will limit the damage to the extension.

  9. Store Hair Extensions In a Case

  10. When you are not wearing your extensions, be sure that they are stored in a case. And the extensions should be completely dry before placing them into storage. Extensions that are stored wet are much more likely to break down and have a buildup of mildew. The hair should also be gently brushed and put away tangle free to keep the clip-in hair extension intact. This avoids tangling during storage and/or transportation.

Summary – Proper Care for Clip-in Hair Extensions

The gist? Because you can remove clip-in extensions, you can wash them less often than semi-permanent extensions. However, we recommend washing clip-in extensions at least every 15 to 20 times used (or when there is too much product build-up to style them). Use a mild shampoo, with high quality, leave in hair conditioner. Let the hair dry naturally, but if you must use a blow dryer, blow dry the hair on the lowest setting. And when storing your clip-in hair extension, brush it out first, use a case, and don’t store the hair wet.

Proper care and storage of your clip-in hair extensions will ensure that you can use and enjoy them for a longer period of time. If you know others who use similar products, be sure to let them know about Airy Hair’s tips for properly caring for clip-in hair extensions.

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How Do I Care for My Clip-In Hair Extensions?

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