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Wavy Clip-in Hair Extensions

Enjoy unlimited hair volume with our easy to apply clip-in hair extensions. There is nothing simpler and easier than snapping few gentle clips to your own hair, that’s it, really.

AiryHair is one of the few suppliers of real Remy human hair, without any mixes of synthetic or animal fibers.

Did your extensions ever tangle or looked trashy? This could be due to a mix of low quality or better yet, horse hair. Forget any of these issues and enjoy the headache-free and 100% human hair extensions.

Easy to Apply Clip-Ins Bundle

Our extensions come in a variety of different options, nonetheless all of them can be applied within 5 to 10 minutes. It cannot get any easier than that.

Your clip-in bundle will come in six to ten pieces, depending on weight and length.

Our Hair Extensions Options

•   Color: All of them, really
•   Length: From just 6 to a shampoo commercial like, 30 inches
•   Weight: 40 to 210 grams
•   Curly Textures: Deep Curly, Kinky Curly and Yaki
•   Hair Quality: Genuine, 100% Real Remy Human Hair
•   Premium Hair Option (a): Double Drawn (for women who want thick hair from top to bottom)
•   Premium Hair Option (b): Remy Premium Plus (a less processed version of our hair with less tangling and matting)

The Pros of Ordering Wavy Extensions

Weave hair love
1. Waves Are Elegant
Wavy hair always looks so sophisticated and elegant.

2. Beautiful Texture
If you have wavy hair, you always have such gorgeous texture and shine.

3. You Don’t Need Many Products
The great thing about wavy hair is that it doesn't require tons of different products. So you will spend less money and your wallet will thank you.

4. It Looks Natural
A slight body wave always looks so natural and effortless.

5. You Are Ready In Minutes
When you have wavy hair, you can get ready in no time and don’t have to spend hours styling your hair.

6. Waves Make You Look Different
If you want to stand out from the crowd the easy way and not look like everyone else, then there is nothing simpler than applying few clips and going your way.

7. Wavy Hair Is Sexy
A beautiful body wave hair looks extremely sexy on any woman and gives a great boost of confidence.

8. Infinite Options
When you have wavy hair, there are so many styling options that you can get lost, and that's a plus.

9. Body Wave Equals More Volume
Everybody wants voluminous hair and waves achieve that with ease.

10. It Looks Fancy
You don’t have to spend hours to make your hair look fancy for a special occasion because it’s glamorous just the way it is.

How to Put-In Body Wave Clip-In Hair Extensions?

How to put weave clip in hair extensions
Our wavy clip in extensions are so easy to install that there is no reason to go to a salon. The application process is so simple to learn and it will take you less than 10 minutes to do it.

1. The first step is to match the texture of your natural hair with your body wave extensions. If you have straight hair, you should curl it slightly, and if your hair is too curly, simply straighten it a little bit.
2. The second step is sectioning your hair. Create a horizontal line that is aligned with the top of your ears and runs across your head. You can use a comb or your fingers for this step. Take a clip and secure the top layer of your hair.
3. Take the first weft and align it carefully where you have parted the hair. When the clips are in place, close them shut and ensure that they are completely secure. If you feel like they might come off, reinstall them.
4. Repeat step number 3, going higher up the head. You can use two, three, or four-clip wefts, depending on what fits your hair best in a certain place. Remember that you shouldn’t go above your natural hair with the extensions because they might be visible.
5. After you have placed all the individual wefts, let the top of your hair done and that it! You have just installed your beautiful body wave extensions.

How to Take Out Body Weave Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Like the application process, the removal is also extremely simple and straightforward. Find the clips in the hair and open them. Carefully remove the wefts one by one and try not to pull on your own hair.

Easy to Follow Hair Care Tips

Hair care tips and tricks
Like your natural hair, our easy to apply wavy extensions also need regular maintenance to keep their health. Since clip ins are not a permanent extension method and you take them off at night, they don’t have to be washed as often. We recommend washing after you have worn them about ten to fifteen times.

1. Before washing, you should gently brush the hair and remove all tangles.
2. The products you use on your wavy extensions are very important. You should get a very mild shampoo that is sulfate-free since using harsh products on your hair could cause damage.
3. Along with the shampoo, you should also use a leave-in conditioner. It keeps your hair healthy and gives it that nice shine.
4. When washing the extensions, remember to be as gentle as you can and don’t scrub or pull hard on the hair.
5. Afterwards, it is best to leave them out to dry naturally. Blow drying can shorten the lifespan of your hair because the heat can damage them over time and you will experience more tangling and matting. If you have to use a blow dryer, use it with minimum heat.
6. If you’re not wearing your extensions right after they have dried up, put them back into the packaging and store away, it’s that easy. If you stick with this simple routine, your extensions will last more than six months.

Our Effortless Extensions Shipping Times

We can ship your wavy clip-in extensions in a few different ways:

•   If you don’t want to pay extra for the shipping, then go with our free shipping method. We deliver worldwide, and your hair will arrive in less than 25 days.

•   If you want to get your hair in 1 to 5 business days and track the whole process easily, select our expedited shipping method.

The handling time is usually less than 24 business hours.

Order our easy to apply clip ins right now and enjoy a 30 day money back guarantee!


Customer Reviews

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perfect hair extensions Review by Roberts
The color and the wavy texture are a perfect match. It looks like my hair. The clip ins are so simple to handle and I like that I can do it myself because I don’t want to spend time and money at a salon. The only thing I regret is not ordering extensions a couple inches longer, but I’m gonna do that for my next order. (Posted on 12/21/2017)
Thanks! Review by Susanna Fuller
I got my yaki extensions and tried them on. I’m surprised how good they look (Posted on 12/18/2017)
Amazing customer service Review by Loraine
This is the third time I’m buying from AiryHair and I’ve never been disappointed by them. the quality of the hair is always on point and the delivery is VERY quick. I decided to go with wavy extensions this time because I wanted a different texture and they look gorgeous. My old AiryHair extensions still look amazing after months of use which is not something I’ve experienced with other brands. (Posted on 12/12/2017)
Affordable and great Review by Amy Marlow
I was looking for cheaper extensions because I was on a budget, but still wanted good quality, and that exactly what I got from AiryHair. They look so good and the wavy texture is amazing, I’m so in love with them! (Posted on 11/28/2017)
High-quality hair Review by Susan Barnes
I’m a first time customer so I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. I ordered wavy clip in extensions and as soon as I opened the package I was very relieved do see amazing looking hair. it’s so soft to the touch and very thick. The color is beautiful and matches my natural hair perfectly and that was really important to me. (Posted on 11/27/2017)
A perfect fit Review by Jane Moore
I was searching online for the perfect wavy clip in extensions, but couldn’t find anything that I liked. I was thrilled when I stumbled upon your website and ordered my clip ins right away. The texture is a perfect match for my slightly wavy hair and I didn’t notice much tangling yet, which is a good sign. After I’ve washed the hair, the waves were still gorgeous and perfect. I’m thrilled with my purchase! (Posted on 11/27/2017)
a customer of 10 years Review by Sabrina
I am a fan of airyhair, been with them for over 10 years and i can guarantee that these are some of the best weaves i have tried, period (Posted on 10/22/2017)

7 Item(s)

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