Hair Extensions: UK vs. USA and Canada Trends


Since hair extensions have become globally popular, a couple of different trends started to emerge in different countries. That is no wonder because today there are many different attachment methods and styles available. Although they share some common characteristics, they are very different from one another. That is great because everyone can choose the type of extensions that fit them the most and looks the best.

Extensions trends depend mostly on salons, hairdressers, and availability and popularity of certain methods in different countries. So for example, if you can’t find a salon that does micro beads extensions in your city, you’re probably going to choose another option. Sometimes you can’t find a shop that sells a certain type of hair in your area so you go with the most popular option. Although most people order their hair online, if you don’t know how to install it yourself or there are no professional in your city that can do it for you, you will probably opt out for what is trendy in your area.

Another thing that influences trends in certain countries is simply how popular they get. A lot of you may have heard about an extension trend from your friends who gave it great reviews so you wanted to try it yourself. Although it is hard to generalize, there seems to be a difference in extensions preferences that are most obvious in the UK and the USA.

Hair Extensions in the United Kingdom

Hair Extensions in the United Kingdom

In the UK, the most popular hair extensions are micro and Nano beads, and in some cases, clips. It is no wonder the Brits love this method because it’s one of the best ones around.

Micro Beaded Hair
Micro beads is a technique where small strands of hair are threaded through the rings with a needle. The rings are shut tight with pliers close to the roots of your hair. The great thing about this technique is that it doesn’t involve any glue or clips. It is a more permanent method because you don’t take the hair out every night like you do with clip ins. That saves you a lot of time and the extensions still feel like your own hair.

You do have to get the micro rings refitted every couple of months, depending on how fast your hair grows and they have to be pulled up closer to the roots. Otherwise, the beads might show up and you don’t really want that. The removal process is also very simple and does not cause any damage to your real hair. The beads are opened with the special pliers and that strands come right off.

Another great thing about micro beads that people from England know very well is that this is one of the most secure methods and there is no way that hair is going to come off or become loose. When those beads are shut tight, they stay that way until you decide to remove them. Another great characteristic is that the hair has a very natural movement and feel to it. Since very small sections of hair are used in the process, you can move and flip your hair around and it will still look great. Where with flip in hair extensions, for example, you have one big weft of hair that cannot move that freely.

Hair Extensions in the USA and Canada

Hair Extensions in the USA and Canada

In the United States of America and Canada, tape in and clip in hair extensions seem to be the most popular. Maybe micro beads and other types just don’t work for them. Clip and tape ins are one of the simplest ways to add length to your hair and maybe that’s what Americans and Canadians love so much.
The two extensions are different in one main way: as their names says, one uses clips and the other uses tapes. Both come in wefts, but the first method is temporary and the other is more permanent.

Clip in Hair Extensions
If you want hair that you can install yourself and take off whenever you want to, then clips are perfect for you. The application process doesn’t take more than 15 minutes and the removal is done in mere minutes. You simply place the wefts in different places on your head and close clips.

Tape in Extensions
Another great method with a fairly simple application. Although you’ll probably be better off if a professional does the installation. Tape ins come as small wefts, about 4cm wide and are taped onto your hair using a double-sided tape. The tape will last a couple of months (due to the growth of your own hair) and then you can just apply a new one and reuse old hair, without having to buy a whole new set.

UK vs. USA: Colors and Styles

UK vs. USA: Colors and Styles

UK and the USA not only have different tastes in extension methods, they also like different colors and styles. It seems that people from the UK prefer brown and black extensions while people from the USA and Canada like blonde hair more. That is a really interesting difference in coloring preference. Although ombre hairstyles are popular all around the world, Brits are more likely to get an ombre than Americans. Maybe they are more prone to experimentation or simply like it more.

It was fun to look at some differences in trends between countries, but there is no doubt that extensions are slowly taking over the world. It doesn’t matter what type or color they are. With AiryHair, you can instantly achieve length and volume that you always dreamed of.


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