How Long Can You Wear Clip-In Hair Extensions? (2022)

How Long Can One Actually Wear Clip-in Hair Extensions and How Long Can They Last?

How Long Can You Wear Clip-In Hair Extensions? (2022)

There are many types of hair fusion, yet clip-in hair extensions remain the most popular method. These are perfect for making your hair look longer, denser, and fuller.

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Just like tape-in hair, clips allow you to experiment with hair colors like adding highlights, pops of color, or creating ombre hairstyles. The easy-to-attach clip-in wefts are worn by beginners and advanced extension users alike. This is also one of the cheapest and most durable extension types, which also adds to its popularity and high demand.

One of the most frequently asked questions we are asked is this: how long you can wear clip-in hair extensions? To be fair, the answer is not as simple as it sounds! It can mean two different things. If you’re wondering how long you can wear clip-in hair extensions on a day-to-day basis before you must take them out, the answer is only one day.

However, if the question is how long clip-in extensions last in general, the answer is much different. Let’s first explain the first one. Clip-in wefts are what is called a non-permanent extensions method which means you must take them off every day before you go to bed.

Can I Sleep with Clip-in Hair Extensions?

No, you cannot and should not sleep with clip-in hair extensions. Short-term wefts are not designed for such uses. While they are completely safe and harmless to wear throughout the day and will not damage your locks, the same cannot be said for wearing them in bed.

There is really no reason why you should wear clip-in extensions during your sleep time. If you want your real tresses to be healthy and strong, always remove the clips before you go to bed.

There is no point in wearing extensions if you’re going to ruin your natural strands. When wearing clip-in extensions properly and re-attaching them each day, there will be no damage to your tresses or the wefts.

During our sleeping phase, we toss and turn very often, even if we never noticed it. As a result, movements can put a lot of strain on your natural tresses as well as the wefts. The clips will pull on your strands while you sleep and that can cause breakage, tangling, damage to your hair, and even hair loss.

Not only that but the clip-in wefts could get damaged as well. The clips might detach from the wefts, the hair would become tangled and some of it might fall out as well. Waking up with clip-ins already attached would be a nightmare because the tangling can be very severe.

You would first have to thoroughly brush and detangle everything as well as remove any knots. It would make your morning hair routine unnecessarily longer. When you take off the wefts at night, you wake up ready to wear anything! After all, you can attach extensions in minutes and you’re ready to go. It is much simpler.

We recommend that you create a simple routine in the evening where you detach the wefts, brush them, and store them properly. It will not take you more than a few minutes.

How Long Can You Wear Clip-In Hair Extensions? (2019)

Clip-in and flip-in extensions are the ones you simply must take off every night. If you need extensions that you can sleep with, we go with the semi-permanent methods.

Those are tape-in, fusion, micro loop, micro ring, and sew-in. These types of extensions do not have to be taken off each day, so you can sleep and shower while wearing them.

Keep in mind, you still must protect your new hair while in bed. It is recommended that you braid your semi-permanent extensions before going to sleep or wear a sleep cap.

Want more tips? Read our article about sleeping with hair extensions.

Since you don’t sleep with clips attached and don’t wear them constantly, clip-ins last more than any other type of extension. If you buy high-quality Remy wefts, you can expect to use them for up to six months. Even more, if you stick to a good maintenance routine! Isn’t that amazing?

Semi-permanent extensions don’t last as long because they’re worn all the time, without taking them off and that significantly shortens their overall lifespan. Although most clip-in extensions are made from real human hair, they still get worn out over time, but that process is more gradual. The hair is not attached to a scalp, but wefts and it doesn’t receive all the natural oils real strands receive.

Please note that with proper care, you can get more life out of the hair.

How to Extend the Lifespan of Clip-in Extensions?

Those who want to wear clip-ins every day for a long period of time should purchase Airyhair Remy hair.

Synthetic hair can last only for a month or two. However, spending a lot of money on new hair and then not caring for it makes no sense. Maintaining the wefts significantly extends the lifespan of clip-in extensions so make sure to do it! It’s not that hard and only takes a few minutes a day.

Regular brushing will stop tangling and matting and you only need to wash the wefts every 20 wear cycles. Like it has been said before, taking out the clips each night also increases its lifespan. A general rule is, the more you wear the extensions, the shorter they’ll last. If you would like to wear the clips for more than six months, we recommend that you don’t wear them each day, all day long. If you’re having a relaxed day at home, there’s no need for extensions and that way you give them some time to breathe.



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