Priority Pass for Hair Extensions

AiryHair Extensions Overnight Shipping

The most important part of growing your business is the long-term co-operation with your partners and clients. AiryHair is the only known supplier to date that can offer an unprecedented selection of hair textures and colors.

However, we also understand that the 6 business days waiting time is not ideal for you and your clients.

The solution? Our latest innovation, the “Priority Pass”.

What is Priority Pass (PP)?

By always stocking extensions at the AiryHair warehouses, it allows you to skip the 6 days waiting time and receive package immediately, with no risk or hidden fees.

As a result, you can list more models for sale on your website or store, or prevent your beauty salon clients from waiting for two weeks to get their hair done. Less complains about shipping time means happier customers and prosperous business growth.

How Does It Work?

We offer two different packages (50% and 100%) that were designed to give you flexibility at what you do. This is what happens next:

1. You decide what hair extensions are always in demand (including length, quantity, color, etc) and message us.

2. We calculate the price.

3. You pay the 50% or 100% of the order value, we produce the extensions and keep then in stock for you. When your clients need extensions, all you do is place the order (pay another half) and we can then instantly ship stocked hair to you. Afterwards, we send you a bill to restock the sent item, you pay and the cycle repeats. If the bill is not paid, we won’t be able to restock the said hair and next customer will not receive extensions on time.

4. If your stocked extensions are not sold within 3 months, you can always cancel the deposit and receive a full refund minus the 2 USD fee per set.

AiryHair Extensions Overnight Shipping

What is the Difference Between 50% and 100% Pre-Payment?

The 50% package means that we invest 50% to the stock. Therefore, we reserve the right to sell your stocked hair extensions to our clients (and then immediately refill the stock). If our client orders dozens of packages, in rare circumstances, it could cause a tiny delay. However, we always stock more qty than you need to minimize the risk of this ever happening. You will also receive a better price than it is on site due to wholesale discounts.

The 100% package guarantees that all hair is always in stock and no one ever touches it but you and your clients. No one else has the right to use these extensions.

How Do I Start?

Simply message us with the list of hair extensions and wait for our response.

Thank you.