Does Sofia Vergara or Ariana Grande Wear Hair Extensions? (2020)

Two most popular celebrities, Sofia Vergara and Ariana Grande covered.


With so many celebrities in Hollywood and their always ever-changing looks, it’s hard to know whether she or even he now wears hair extensions or was it just a very well-groomed and styled hair.

Since you asked about these two specific celebrities, Sofia Vergara or Ariana Grande, we are going to reveal you the truth. Let’s get going.

Sofía Margarita Vergara

Known for her amazing and thick locks, it was a well-known fact that Vergara did not wear hair extensions, up until recently. According to various sources, Ms. Sofia sometimes relies on the high quality products to enhance her already great hair.

Who is she anyway? A popular actress, a comedian as well as a television host and even a model.

What type of extensions is she using? No one knows but we would guess it’s a clip in and tape-in.

Ariana Grande Butera

Last but not least is a Broadway singer and actress, Ariana Grande, who, you guessed also has an incredible portfolio of great looking hairstyles. So does she wear hair extensions? Absolutely. If we were to guess, she is wearing keratin or weft hair extensions, mostly because these are pretty long term.

You can tell that from the video above.

Celebrity Hair Extensions

Now that you have an idea of the types of extensions popular Hollywood celebrities wear, one might wonder, where exactly do you get them? If you want to have the top of the line, double drawn hair, then AiryHair is the only logical choice.


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