Synthetic Hair Extensions: Frequently Asked Questions


Note: AiryHair does not sell synthetic hair extensions but we are always here to help you out. All our hair are genuine, Remy and one hundred percent human.

If you are thinking about buying synthetic extensions, you probably have a lot of questions. In this short FAQ, we tried to answer the most common questions and explain what synthetic hair is, can you dye and curl it, how to wash it, how long does it last etc.

Synthetic hair extensionsWhat Is Synthetic Hair Made Of?

It is made of synthetic plastic fibers that resemble real hair, but are in no shape or form made out human hair. It is produced by heating acrylic and separating it into individual hairs. This process is much cheaper than collecting real human hair and that’s why synthetic extensions are much cheaper than Remy ones.

Does Synthetic Hair Look Like Real Hair?

It is made to resemble human hair, so yes in a way, but it is far from real hair. It will be kind of plastic to the touch and it’s usually too shiny, unlike human hair. The biggest problem with synthetic extensions and wigs is that they often look fake and unnatural. Even if you style them and blend them nicely with your natural hair, it will always look a bit off.

How to Wash Synthetic Hair Extensions?

You don’t really need to wash it, but if you do want to, we recommend using a very mild shampoo, nothing too harsh and lukewarm water, it shouldn’t be too hot because strong heat damages synthetic fibers.

Can You Curl Synthetic Hair Extensions?

You can, but it is better to avoid it because heat can severely damage synthetic fibers and your extensions will not look that good or last as long. If you must do it, get a heat resistant spray and some hairspray and apply both to your hair. Use a curling iron to curl your locks and release gently. You should be able to curl your hair that way, but again, avoid it if you can. If you want to be able to curl your extensions without any fear of damage, then you should definitely buy human hair extensions because you can do anything to them as you would to your real hair.
Plastic hair

Can You Straighten Synthetic Hair Extensions?

Most synthetic extensions are bought straight, so you don’t really need to straighten them. But if you curled them before and want them straight again, it is best that you wash them first with a gentle shampoo and lukewarm water. Let them dry naturally and they should go back to normal. If you bought curly extensions, you probably won’t be able to straighten them. You could try to use a heat resistant spray and a flat iron, but that’s also not very good for the extensions.

Can You Dye Synthetic Hair Extensions?

You can dye synthetic hair, but only from lighter to darker. For example, you couldn’t dye brown synthetic hair blonde, but you can dye blonde strands to brown or whatever color that’s darker. So if you’re looking to dye synthetic hair, you should definitely go with light blonde or white color.

How to Dye Synthetic Hair Extensions?

You can dye your extensions with a fabric dye. You will need 500ml of warm water, fabric dye, a basin, and gloves. To start, brush through the strands and make them damp. Empty the dye into the basin and add water. Fabric dyes usually come in powdered form so you will need to mix it with water until it’s completely dissolved. Now you can put your extensions in and make sure they’re completely covered with dye, use your hands to get it all in there (using gloves, of course.) Once they are fully saturated with the dye, leave them to soak for about 15 minutes. After that, leave them in a warm place to dry naturally and you’re done.

How Long Does the Dye Last?

Normally, the hair dye lasts until you wash it, but since you don’t really have to wash synthetic hair that often, that can be for a long time. So if you want the color to come off, you simply need to wash the hair with warm water and it will come right off.

Synthetic Clip-Ins vs. Tape Ins

If you want to buy synthetic extensions, it is better to go with the clip in method. The reason for that is the longevity of the hair, which is pretty short, so it’s wiser to go with a method that is not permanent like tape in is. Also, synthetic hair could irritate your scalp if you go with a more permanent method.

Real vs synthetic hair extensions

How Long Does Synthetic Hair Last?

Like with all types of hair and extensions, it greatly depends on how you take care of it. if you are very careful with your synthetic strands, you could maybe extend their lifespan to about 6 months, but generally, they don’t last nearly as long as real hair. If you dye your extensions and use heat on, you can expect a lifespan of only a few months because all of that damages the synthetic fibers. So if you want to buy hair that you can use for months and months and plan on using extensions daily, it is recommended that you invest in human hair, preferably Remy.

Real Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair Extensions

Synthetic hair is a good replacement for human extensions if you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to spend a lot of money. It is very cheap and it’s great for special occasions or parties, but for day-to-day use, they are not that good. The first thing is that they don’t last nearly as long as real hair, so if you want to wear them all the time, you will need to buy new synthetic hair all the time. Also, it is not very easy to dye, curl, straighten or style them while you can do all of that with Remy extensions. Remy hair also looks so natural and blends in perfectly with your hair. Although it is much more expensive, if you want extensions that will act just like your natural hair and last for a very long time, go with Remy hair. If you need a cool wig or colorful extensions for a party and don’t plan on wearing it all the time, then synthetic hair will do.


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