Braid and Rope Twist How-To Extension Guide

Braid and Rope Twist How-To Extension GuideHairdos featuring plaits in interwoven zigzag patterns have been popular for thousands of years in numerous cultures around the world. Today’s trendy hair braid styles combine new varieties with old traditions. If you wish your locks were long enough for the latest sensations, why wait for it to grow? Just use extensions instead for interlaced creations that allow styling versatility. We’ve paired all-natural AiryHair by attachment types with easy directions for a fishtail braid, rope twist, and upswept head crown.

Preparation and Application

Ordering extensions involves several personal decisions. AiryHair is unique by offering any length, weight, color, and texture for every fusion type with free worldwide shipping. Each new look starts with the same preparation steps. Wash, condition, dry, and detangle your rooted hair before adding bundles.

All extension types share a standard initial attachment phase. Separate a bottom back layer of your hair horizontally. Clip higher locks over your head. Place a new strip under the parting line near your roots. Affix it according to each method’s guidelines below. Repeat those steps to finish that row and supplementary levels above it. Add side pieces the same way. Then unpin your upper loose hair and brush your longer, fuller tresses to eliminate all knots before entwining.

Fishtail Braid

Micro loop bundles add length for various hair braid styles. To create a side-swept fishtail that swings over one front shoulder, you can insert more extensions on just the decorative side. Part a thin vertical rooted section. Draw natural strands and AiryHair through tiny beads almost to your scalp. Crimp the mini rings firmly with special pliers to secure.

To make a fishtail, brush your hair’s length over your right or left shoulder. Divide it into two even halves. Separate a slender under-strip of hair (section A) from the farthest side closest to your neck. Bring it up and around, adding those inner strands to the other thick chunk (section B). Smooth them together. Going the opposite direction, repeat that process with your hairline locks. Cross the outermost narrow B segment by your face above the A half. Blend in to expand that portion.

Keep duplicating those steps. Overlap the outermost Section A strip to join B. Lift B’s farthest strands over to mingle with Section A. As you continue from the outside in, a herringbone arrangement will emerge. Secure your braid’s ends with an invisible elastic band or colorful ribbon. Pinch outer edges to pancake or thicken them, even lopsided plaits, or create a messy casual look.

Rope Twist

Rope TwistTry clip-in AiryHair extensions for quick extra length to design rope twist hair. Fasten wider extensions’ teeth below your parting line, starting near one ear and working your way across to the other. Fill in thin back and side areas with narrow strips to boost overall body.

Weaving your locks from one side in front of your shoulder creates a wrap-around effect that hangs down your back. Twist a hair section by your face. Do the same to another right behind it, lifting the second one above and around the first. For a coiled rope look, add extra strands to the current bottom portion, similar to French braiding. Drape it over your top piece. Continue that process until reaching your neckline.

Split your remaining tresses into two parts. Twist each clockwise. Wrap them around each other, using a counterclockwise direction to prevent unravelling. Bind the ends with an elastic band. Enjoy this elegant, polished appearance. Or for a windswept look, loosen the pattern with your fingers and brush it upward gently.

Upswept Head Crown

Glue in nail/u-tip strips to turn a braid hair extension look into a graceful upswept hairdo. A relative, friend, or stylist can use a hot fusion tool to attach these pre-bonded pieces. Separate a narrow rooted portion for the first addition. The artificial keratin on the U-shaped tips melts easily. Apply that bonding agent to natural strands and secure each segment over the warm adhesive.

Follow the previous instructions to create fishtail braid or rope twist hair braid styles. Then drape it around your head above your forehead to form an entwined crown. Tuck the loose ends under unplaited hair. Fasten it with hidden bobby pins. For a softer look, free some tendrils surrounding your face. Once just for classic milkmaids, this updo looks beautiful at weddings and other formal events.

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Braid and Rope Twist How-To Extension Guide

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