How to Fix & Restore a Damaged Wig? (2022)


How to Fix & Restore a Damaged Wig? (2020)

When you buy a new wig, it is nice, shiny, and just perfect. However, if you don’t take the time to maintain it, it slowly starts to deteriorate and eventually becomes unwearable. That’s unfortunately the faith for all hairpieces that were not cared for, no matter how expensive or high-quality they are. This can happen to both synthetic wigs and human hair ones.

There is a good reason why everyone always repeats how important it is to take proper care of your wig if you want it to look good and last for so long. But before you throw your tangled mess of a wig into the trash, there are some things you can try to revive. Saving a damaged hairpiece is not an easy task since it takes a lot of hard work and patience. If you want to find out how to restore that shine and glamour to your ruined wig, take a look at this tutorial.

1 Detangling

First step to saving that tangled mess is detangling. You should be able to take care of it with some patience. We don’t recommend using just any brush, but a professional detangling brush that’s made for wig use. It does a much better job and is safer for the hair.

Place your wig on a Styrofoam wig stand and pin it down. Spray some detangling spray to make the process easier. Start combing from the ends, going higher up, and keep in mind that you have to be extremely gentle and do it slowly. Aggressive combing and pulling will make matters worse and you’ll end up with a hairpiece that’s in an even worse state than it is. You want to minimize shedding and breakage. Once the wig is completely untangled, you can move on to the next step.

2 Washing and Conditioning

The wig will still look pretty awful at this point although it is tangle-free. You will probably notice split ends, dryness, and frizz, but this should be taken care of with some washing and conditioning. Use a sink or any type of container and fill it up with warm water, not too hot and not too cold. Add a generous amount of high-quality shampoo that contains keratin. Immerse the hairpiece into the water and gently rub the strands. Don’t overdo it because you might tangle the hair again.

If the hairpiece is in a really bad state, you can leave it to soak for half an hour. After you thoroughly rinse it, add a leave-in conditioner (we recommend a detangling conditioner or one that restores the severely damaged hair). Also, leave it for at least half an hour or more. Don’t rush this step because quite some time is needed for the conditioner to work its magic.

3 Reviving

After the shampooing and conditioning are done, there are some additional steps you try. Applying a reparative treatment is also a good way to restore the strands and make them soft and shiny. There are many brands out there that good a pretty good job. It is important to bring back moisture to the hair because that’s what’s going to help the wig look almost like new.

4 Drying

After all of the restorative products have been applied, it is time to let the wig dry. Don’t use a blow dryer because that won’t help at all and might make the matters worse. Leave it on the wig stand overnight. Don’t forget to brush the hairpiece while it’s still damp.

5 Styling

Now your wig should be in pretty good shape and looking quite good. To make it flawless, you need to style it. Choose the texture you want and either curl or straighten the wig. Always apply a heat protectant and use low to medium heat.

And that’s it, your hairpiece should now look good and be wearable again. Keep in mind that this works best on human hair wigs because synthetics are low-quality and there’s usually no going back once it’s damaged.

6 Prevention

Being able to save a damaged wig is great, but the best thing you can do is prevention. If you think about it, it is much easier to take care of your hairpiece regularly than trying to revive a ruined one. It is not that hard to maintain a wig. Especially human hair one, so make sure to brush, wash, condition, and style it regularly.

If your hairpiece is simply too damaged and you didn’t succeed in saving it, you might want to think about getting a new one. So, check out AiryHair wig collection.

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How to Fix & Restore a Damaged Wig? (2022)

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