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Our Story

Thank you for stopping by! My name is Sam Fisher, and I am the founder of AiryHair. My story is similar to yours! Having bought extensions for my clients from more places than I can count, these were awful. Some lasted me days, others a month or so. However, the hair quality could have been better. With a burning hole in my pocket, I have finally decided to take things into my own hands! My life partner trusted me and used all his savings to help me pursue my dream. For that, I will always be grateful!

The journey wasn’t easy, and I had to re-learn a lot of things about the world of hair. Despite my 15 years of experience with hair extensions, I felt like a new kid in town, like giving up. None of the suppliers I have tested understood the issues that we face! Nonetheless, with the strong support from my friends and family, I have built this store for you!

About Us

Our roots date back to 2004 when we took an issue with low-quality hair that is offered to women all over the world. Our CEO was burned too many times, mainly because other manufacturers never prioritized quality. Since the summer of that year, we have been testing and producing top-of-the-line, textured extensions that do not shed, tangle, or thin out after a few washes.

Realizing that many of today’s hair stores claim the same things, we went further! AiryHair offers only the highest-quality Remy human hair extensions. We strive to become the golden standard of hair extensions and will never offer cheap alternatives for more profit.

Our site is placed in a highly secure USA data center.

Notable Events

HonorBiz is established.

Strong partnerships are established with a range of partners, including Hollywood stars who own beauty salons.

We begin selling more products (including hair accessories).
We begin selling our hair extensions online.

We shift our focus exclusively to hair extensions.

HonorBiz becomes AiryHair.
New site design is launched.

Another site design is launched as we expand our business.

A brand new site design is launched with a strong focus on user experience.

We expand to France, Germany, and Lithuania.
We launch AiryTea, an organic tea store.
We launch AiryCharm, a handmade fashion accessories store.
We expand to Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Italy, the Netherlands, and Finland.

Contacted by some of the world's most popular and respected brands.
Added over 50+ new hair colors and styles.
Became established as a leading C2B (consumer-to-business) operator.

A completely redesigned store and new hair extension models are being introduced.

Introducing hair wigs and a new hair extensions formula for longer lasting and tangle-free hair.

AiryHair now offers the highest quality hair extensions of all suppliers, introducing Remy Premium Plus Label.

Our Products

With years of experience, our main orientation is offering hair care and hair extension products for both professional salons and home use.

We want to become one of the biggest suppliers of Remy human hair, hair extensions, hair accessories, wigs, hair weft products, and have an extremely high reputation all over the world.