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AiryHair Partners

When it comes to hair extension business, we are one of the most flexible brands in the world and can help you to reach a substantial level of income in no time.

Please select from one of the six different branches.

Not only can we offer a drop shipping service but may also design a card with your own brand and ship hair extensions directly to your clients.

AiryHair Extensions Import and Export

→ I would like to use AiryHair as a hair supplier for new or existing businesses

If you own a business or would like to start a new one, then AiryHair is the only logical choice. There are dozens of benefits when it comes to using AiryHair as your drop-shipper or hair supplier for existing business, including:

- Ability to utilize our own facilities, allowing you to order and / or produce any hair textures or colors of hair without any minimum order requirements or extra fees.
- Drop-shipping service (a direct delivery to your client) with your own or no brand at all.
- Special wholesale membership, which will give you a discount of $6-10 per set.
- Ability to use our machinery and print / design product cards with your own brand. It’s simple, you send us a card design or we design one for you and pack it with the extensions before shipping.

Please check our wholesale membership page for more details on discount levels, and contact us for the membership upgrade (sign-up here first)

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Like our first option, this one is specifically designed for the hair dressers and hair stylists all over the world that would like to use our hair extensions.

Hair Dresser Business

→ I am a hair dresser and would like to work with AiryHair

This option is ideal for your business and this is exactly why we have hundreds of hair dressers from all over the word, working with us.

Here is why you should seriously consider AiryHair:

- Your clients will never experience issues when it comes to color choice, length or texture as we will create any combinations and won’t charge you extra. You will be one of the very few hair dressers in your area that can offer such luxury.
- For custom hair extensions that you order frequently, we will stock them for you, eliminating the +6 days waiting time.
- A special account, which will give you the additional $6-10 discount for every single set.

Please check our wholesale membership page for more details on discount levels, and contact us for the membership upgrade (sign-up here first)

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If you own a web site, have an established community on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or a blog, then this option will help you to convert traffic into sales and profit.

AiryHair Affiliate Program

→ I have a community and would like to drive traffic to your site

Converting your traffic into sales and profit is extremely easy. Every single one of our clients can utilize a variety of different solutions and maximize their income. Here is what we can offer for you:

- Our banners (you will get paid for every sale through our affiliate program).
- Drop-shipping service (we will deliver hair directly to your referral).
- Special coupon codes that will allow you to offer value to your community.

To begin, please create the AiryHair affiliate account.

If you would like to become the official reseller of AiryHair in your region and bring massive sales, then this option will help you to make thousands of dollars monthly.

AiryHair Reseller

→ I would like to be a reseller in my region and maximize my profits

If you are ready to change your life for good and bring serious cash, then this is the ultimate option. By signing a special contract between you and the company, you will become the official AiryHair representative in your country or region, this will allow you to:

- Interact directly to our customers as all inquiries from that specific region will be forwarded to you.
- Send traffic directly to AiryHair and get paid for every sale from your country or region.
- Purchase hair extensions at a discount rate of $6-10 off and sell them directly under AiryHair brand.
- Utilize our drop-shipping service (a direct delivery to the clients).

To begin, fill the form below and let us know if you have any experience, estimates in monthly sales and your region.

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For clients that would like to start their own businesses, this is an ideal option. We can do everything, from setting your store to teaching how to use it.

AiryHair Staring Your Own Business

→ I am interested in starting my own hair extension businesses but have no experience

If you are interested in starting your own business but have yet to establish a site, then we can assign our own resources and:

- Create your own hair extensions store or blog, which will allow you to become your own boss.
- Provide you with a special wholesale membership at no additional cost, maximizing your profits.
- Consult you and help to establish social networking sites, run store, deliver items and more.

Please check our custom store page for all the details. Thank you.

If hair is not exactly something you are interested in, then this option is for you.

AiryHair Products

→ I am interested in your other products.

Hair extensions is not exactly your cup of tea? Don’t worries, we can work together and offer you our other products, including: tea and gemstones. Please contact us for more details.