Curly Micro Bead Hair Extensions

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Curly Micro Bead Hair Extensions

If you want a more permanent extensions option, our micro bead extensions will offer you instant length without having to constantly take them in and out. Being a great replacement for clip in wefts, our curly micro beads are so amazingly simple to apply, and you can do it all by yourself in no time! AiryHair’s curly micro bead extensions are made of real Remy hair and will wow you with gorgeous texture and lusciousness.

AiryHair Item Name

Remy Curly Micro Bead 100% Human Hair Extensions


You will get as many as 100 strands of our curly micro beads in one package.

Product Information

Our curly micro bead extensions are the perfect option for anyone with textured hair. If you want to add volume, length and shine to your curls, you will be amazed how these extensions can transform your hair.

1. Color: All available colors, including jet black and off-black
2. Length: 10 to 30 inches
3. Weight: 50 to 140 grams
4. Strands: 100
5. Single Strand Weight: 0.4 to 1.4 grams
6. Texture: Straight, Wavy (Body Wave, Loose Wave, Deep Wave), Curly (Deep Curly, Kinky Curly), Yaki, and Funmi.

Micro Bead Hair Extension Features

Super soft hair extensions
We have been working hard to create high quality hair extensions that fit all hair types, including curly hair. If you have been disappointed by other brands that sell curly hair, you will be pleasantly surprised by our long-lasting human hair curls. Some of the great benefits of AiryHair micro bead extensions are:

1. One of the top selling micro beaded extensions for curly hair.
2. The installation process is shockingly simple.
3. There is no heat or glue required for the application.
4. Our curls are made of real human hair that is 100% Remy.
5. You to pick out of hundreds of beautiful colors that will perfectly match your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

•   What are double drawn extensions? There are two different terms that are very important to understand – single and double drawn hair. The difference in quality is huge. Single drawn hair includes different lengths, so you’ll get short hairs that poke out and thin ends. That’s not a good look. Those short hairs are removed by hand in double drawn hair. The result is more volume and thick hair from top to bottom.

•   Remy vs. non-remy hair extensions. Remy is the best hair you can buy. Period. Its quality cannot be matched by any other product. All the cuticles are aligned in the same direction and the hair is not manipulated in any way, either chemically or mechanically. The result is lustrous hair that tangles less, lasts way longer, and is much thicker. Please keep in mind that some suppliers falsely label their hair as “Remy”. That can be very misleading because the hair they’re selling has been stripped out of its cuticles which have been replaced with silicone. You can rest assured that AiryHair is not one of those companies and we make sure that all our hair comes from a well-known and trusted source.

•   Should you go with Premium option? Available only from AiryHair, Remy Premium Plus is a new high-quality standard for hair extensions. We have been developing new technology for years to make our extensions even better and significantly increase their lifespan.

If you have more questions about our curly micro beads, we will be glad to answer them!

How to Apply Curly Micro Beaded Hair Extensions

How to apply micro bead loop hair
To apply AiryHair curly micro bead extensions, you will need a little bit of patience and time.

1. Using a pointy comb, make a line at the back of your head, a couple of inches above the neck. Take the top part of your head and clip it so it doesn't get in the way.
2. Take a small strand of your natural curls and one extension and thread your hair through the loop.
3. Placing the loop near the roots, start pulling on it in order for the hair to go through the bead.
4. Now that you've properly placed your micro bead, use clamps or pliers to secure it on the head.
5. Repeat this process and continue sectioning the hair. You need to make sure that you place the beads where they won’t be visible.

10 Reasons Why Curly Hair Extensions Are Cool

1. With micro beads, your natural curls will be totally enhanced and transformed.
2. Having a textured hairstyle is way more badass than regular, boring straight hair.
3. You can use extensions to create a big afro hairstyle.
4. You don’t have to spend hours on styling because curly hair looks amazing naturally.
5. People will definitely notice you and you’ll be recognizable everywhere.
6. Curls are sassy, confident, and trendy.
7. The small beads are literally invisible on curly hair and nobody will ever know that you’re wearing extensions.
8. Curls never get boring because there are a lot of different curly textures you can choose from.
9. Curly hair can be transformed into a glamorous look in mere minutes.
10. Hair should inspire confidence and boldness, and that’s exactly what curls do.

Taking Care of Your Curly Micro Beads

Hair care tips and tricks
1. Brush your curly extensions regularly, especially before washing them. Chose a shampoo that is very moisturizing and mild.
2. To keep your curls healthy and bouncy, use a leave-in conditioner that is made specifically for curls. Make sure to rinse it thoroughly.
3. If you have enough time, let your hair air dry naturally, but if you’re in a hurry use a blow dryer set on low heat.
4. Make sure to store your extensions in an air-tight container and keep away from moisture and heat.
5. When sleeping with your curly extensions, make a braid or a ponytail in order to avoid tangling and matting.

If you’re still unsure how to maintain your micro beads or have some additional questions, consult with your stylist.

Shipping Your Beaded Hair Extensions

All around the globe, we can ship you beautiful micro loop extensions you'll love. We offer:

•   Free international shipping by registered mail. This is one of our most popular options because it’s completely free and the extensions arrive in ten to thirty days to North America, Australia, and Western Europe (excluding Italy).

•   FedEx/DHL/TNT. If you can’t wait for your curly micro bead extensions and want them in less than 5 business days, then go for this option.

We work hard on dispatching our extensions as quickly as possible (usually in one day). In some instances, handling can be prolonged up to 72 hours.


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These beads are great Review by Susana Parkson
i have been wearing micro beaded extensions for over 5 years and overall, happy with quality, they are double loop if you wonder so did not fall out yet, happy as a bunny (Posted on 11/8/2017)

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