AiryHair Extensions Dropshipping

AiryHair's extensions dropshipping service

Drop shipping is a great way to start your own hair business or test a new market. AiryHair offers a variety of different hair extensions drop shipping opportunities, including “blind” option (by default) where your customers would never know that the hair extensions were bought from us.

Our drop shipping package never includes any cards, coupons, return addresses with a company name on it or any other, traceable details that could lead to the AiryHair web site.

How Do Your Drop Shipping Services Work?

1. It’s simple, you don’t even have to contact us, simply place an order and uncheck the “Ship to the same address” box during checkout.

2. Enter your customer’s shipping address and complete the checkout.

3. That’s it. As soon as the hair extensions are shipped, you will receive an email with the tracking number that you can then forward to your customer.

Can I Do Custom Branding or Include My Own Card?

The minimum order requirement (for cards, not hair) is 500 units at around 40 - 80 cents per card. To send us your card design (or let us design one), please contact us. For more details on card design, head over to our card printing page.

What Hair Extensions Do You Offer?

Any kind of hair, in any texture, shape, color or form. We have our own factories and can produce the hair that you or your customer desires without any extra fees or additional requirements. If you can’t find what you are looking for, head over to our custom hair extensions page and fill in the form.

How Do I Start Drop Shipping Business?

As we have mentioned above, all you have to do is pick from any of our products and place an order. There are no specific requirements unless you want to do your own branding. Our hair extensions packages that are shipped or drop-shipped do not include any sort of branding and your customers will never know where the hair came from.

As far as the shipping times go, please check our hair shipping page. If you are serious about drop-shipping and want to go all the way, there is also a zero day shipping program that you might be interested in.

Thank you.

AiryHair Drop Shipping Testimonial #1

I wanted to get into the extensions business for a long time and earn some extra money, but had no idea how to start. The standard business models that include purchasing an inventory first and worrying about packing, shipping, and dealing with returns seemed very complicated as well as risky because a lot of investment is required. I was looking for a better solution that would allow me to start a business with minimal investments that I could do from home so I stumbled upon drop shipping offered by AiryHair online extensions store.

It was just what I was looking for – I didn’t have to stock up on any inventory, in this case hair extensions, so I didn’t need to have a warehouse or anything like that which means there were no big investments needed and I could run a business from anywhere in the world, which is perfect for me since I’m a big traveler and often change my place of living. It was also a business that I could start by myself and the process seemed really easy and straightforward. I contacted AiryHair and they were ready to help with anything I needed to start my drop shipping business. It all works like this: I simply place an order on AiryHair and uncheck the “Ship to the same address” box and put down my customers address instead. Right after the order is complete, I get a tracking number from AiryHair which I can then forward to my customer. And that’s it! I was surprised how simple it actually is. The hair extensions and other products I drop shipped from AiryHair didn’t include any branding so my customers never knew that the products came from AiryHair. I have heard a lot of drop shipping success stories, but I never knew it was that simple to get started.

I could choose any product from the AiryHair site which means I could offer a wide variety of products to my customers. AiryHair has an amazing amount of different extension types, plus wigs, and different tools needed for extensions application. This was one of the main reasons I choose to work with AiryHair, apart from the whole process being so simple, even for someone like me who never tried drop shipping before.

Soon my drop shipping business started to grow and the number of my customers steadily increased. Most were very satisfied with the extensions and it was very easy to sell them. Later I have decided to add the custom branding option AiryHair offers. I have simply sent them my card design which they then printed and added to my orders which helped with the branding. The cards were surprisingly cheap, going for 40 cents apiece.

Another important aspect of the drop shipping business is, of course, the actual shipping time. With the standard shipping method, my customers would get their orders in 7-15 days on average which was pretty good, but AiryHair also offers a zero day shipping option that came really handy once my drop shipping business started growing. It basically allows me to order the extensions that are selling the most and AiryHair produces them and keeps them available in stock for me. Once my customers order extensions, they’re ready to go and the whole process is much quicker.

Right now, after almost one year of using the AiryHair drop shipping option, my business is doing great and it’s constantly expanding. My profits are in thousands a month which probably wouldn’t be possible if I went for the classic business route where I would need to invest a lot and have a lot of monthly expenditures. Plus, I don’t have to worry about restocking, finding quality extensions, keeping an inventory, packing, or shipping. It allows me a lot of flexibility and free time which makes drop shipping the perfect business model. I’m so glad I found AiryHair because the quality of their extensions is amazing and they offer so many different lengths, colors, and textures which my customers respond to very well.

I never dreamed that I would be one of those people with a successful drop shipping business, but that dream became a reality with the help of AiryHair and I’m very excited about expanding my business even further. Being my own boss something that I have always wanted to achieve and now I’m finally in control of my life and can provide for my family.