Body Wave Micro Link Hair Extensions

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Body Wave Micro Link Hair Extensions

Are you bored of non-permanent hair extensions? Then you should try our micro link hair. Known for being a completely safe and simple, this method will transform your extensions experience. AiryHair’s body wave micro link strands have the perfect texture that will blend seamlessly with your natural waves. Made from only the finest human hair, our Remy extensions will amaze you with quality, longevity, and fullness.

Item Name

Genuine Remy Body Weave Micro Link Hair Extensions


Our package contains 100 beautiful strands of body weave micro link hair.

Product Information

If you’re looking for hair extensions that will enhance your wavy hair, then micro links are the go-to option. Made specifically for textured hair, our extensions will boost volume, add length and shine.

1. Color: Over 200 colors
2. Length: 6 to 30 inches, or 15 cm to 75 cm
3. Weight: 30 to 200 grams
4. Strands: 100 per package
5. Single Strand Weight: 0.3 to 2 grams
6. Texture: Many different textures, including body weave, curly and others

About Micro Link Hair Extensions

Super soft hair extensions
We at AiryHair pride ourselves in providing only the best quality micro link extensions that fit all hair textures.

1. The application process is extremely easy and straightforward.
2. The extensions can last for more than 6 months.
3. You can dye and style it just like your natural hair.
4. All of our wavy locks are made from high-quality Remy hair.
5. You can pick from an array of different colors and shades.

Frequently Asked Questions

•   What are micro link double drawn extensions? It is important to know the difference between single and double drawn hair in order to understand what you’re buying. Double drawn hair is a term used to describe hair that’s equal in length. So all the short hairs are removed and you get very thick hair. Single drawn hair, on the other hand, includes both shorter and longer hairs which results in thin ends. That’s why we use only double drawn hair to make our extensions.

•   Is Remy hair better than regular extensions? There is a really simple answer to this question: Remy is always better than synthetic or mixed hair. It has better quality and will last you way longer. All the cuticles go in one direction which means there is much less tangling and matting. Remy hair is also not chemically manipulated. Unfortunately, many companies put the “Remy” label on hair that’s not Remy and mislead their customers. So you should be careful of that when buying extensions. All AiryHair products are created with the intention of providing our customers with high-quality Remy hair that is genuine.

•   What are premium micro link extensions? We were working hard on raising the hair standard even more and creating extensions that last even longer and have premium quality. You can get Remy Premium plus only from AiryHair.

How to Attach Micro Link Hair Extensions

How to apply micro bead loop hair
1. To start, section off your head at the back of your head, above your neckline. Pin the rest of the hair up so it is not in the way.
2. Now you need to take one small strand of your wavy hair and pull it through the micro link.
3. Pull it all the way up to the roots and clamp it down with pliers. The link is now secured and is not going anywhere.
4. Now repeat this process on different parts of your hair, making sure that there some space between the links.

Why Body Weave Micro Link Extensions are Awesome

1. Wavy locks will make you stand out from the crowd.
2. Wavy hair is something many girls dream about, you get to rock them without winning the gene lottery.
3. Long wavy hair looks incredible and every color breathes life to your hairstyle.
4. Forget about styling your hair for hours, waves are always ready to go.
5. Wavy hair is perfect for special occasions and parties.
6. The links on the extensions are completely invisible so you can let your hair go wild.
7. Wavy hair enables you to look glamorous all the time, even when you’re not trying.
8. You can forget about struggling with the curling iron and damaging your hair.
9. Waves have attitude and are always going to be cooler than straight hair.
10. If you go with extra long extensions, you can actually look like one of these shampoo commercial girls.

Caring for Your Micro Link Extensions

Hair care tips and tricks
If you want your micro link extensions to last you for as long as possible, then please follow this simple guide on how to maintain your wavy hair.

1. The first thing you need to remember is brushing. You should do it regularly, at least two times a day and before and after you wash the hair.
2. Be careful what kind of shampoo you pick. Go for something mild and moisturising.
3. To make your waves even more lustrous, apply a leave-in conditioner.
4. It is recommended that you dry your extensions naturally.
5. Before you go to bed, make sure to make a braid or wear a sleeping cap. That way your extensions won’t tangle.

If you have any additional questions on how to maintain and care for your wavy micro beads, you can ask your stylist for more information.

Shipping Micro Links to Your Door

Choose from the two awesome shipping methods: We offer:

•   Free shipping. Most of our customers choose this option because it’s completely free! That’s right, we will ship your micro link extensions free of charge and you can expect them in less than 30 days.

•   Rush delivery. This method is as fast as lightning and your package will be in your hands in only 1-3 business days.

When we receive the payment confirmation we get to work in order to send out your item as quickly as possible. It is very rare that the handling takes more than 24 hours (with the exception of weekends)


Customer Reviews

Quality hair Review by Charlie
I’m the type of girl who loves to have long hair and I’m not afraid of bold and bright colors, ombre, sombre, whatever goes. So these extensions are just made for me. I love that they come in strands so I can use many different colors and create many different and unique hairstyles. I recommend them for anyone who likes either long hair or crazy colors :) (Posted on 1/16/2018)
Thanks Review by Brewer
Before I buy my extensions, I always want to make sure that I’m making the right choice, so I ask a ton of questions about the product. I want to thank the customer service for putting up with me and all of my questions and demands, you’ve been great, I’ll definitely buy again! (Posted on 12/12/2017)
body weave baby! Review by Nicolas
You might laugh but I am a man and I do wear bw extensions. So be it, but i wanted to share that i aboslutelly love your company and thank you for express shipping (Posted on 11/9/2017)

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