Micro Link Hair Extensions (Body Weave, Straight)

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AiryHair Micro Link Hair Extensions

Are you bored of non-permanent hair extensions? Then you should try our micro link hair. Known for being a completely safe and simple, this method will transform your extensions experience. AiryHair’s body wave micro link strands have the perfect texture that will blend seamlessly with your natural waves. Made from only the finest human hair, our Remy extensions will amaze you with quality, longevity, and fullness.

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Genuine Remy Micro Link Hair Extensions

Product Information

If you’re looking for hair extensions that will enhance your wavy hair, then micro links are the go-to option. Made specifically for textured hair, our extensions will boost volume, add length and shine.

1. Color: Over 200 colors
2. Length: 6 to 30 inches, or 15 cm to 75 cm
3. Weight: 30 to 200 grams
4. Strands: 100 per package
5. Single Strand Weight: 0.3 to 2 grams
6. Texture: Many different textures, including body weave, curly and others

How Do Micro Link Extensions Work?

Micro links are pretty different from other extensions methods because there are no wefts, clips, or glue. It’s a strand by strand technique and that’s why the hair comes in many small pieces instead of big wefts. The strands of hair have a link on them and your hair is put through it and the link is clamped down with a special tool that resembles pliers. Although the installation process is not that hard once you get a hang of it, it is better when a professional does it. If you want to do it at home by yourself, you should have a lot of experience and know exactly what you’re doing to achieve great results.

Micro Link Extensions Pros

There are many advantages of micro links over other extensions and we’re going to explain the most important ones.

Transforming Your Locks Has Never Been Easier

The days of feeling unsatisfied with your current hairstyle are over and you no longer have to be envious of other girls who have flawless locks. You can now be that girl and solve all of your hair problems with micro link extensions. It is one of the easiest and safest ways to add extra inches to your strands and increase their density. Once you get the length and volume you want, the styling options are limitless and you can experiment with all the trendy hairstyles you’ve been dying to try out.

Natural Look

One of the best things about these extensions is that they look and feel very natural, often more so than other types of hair. The reason for that is that micro links are very thin strands of hair and no wefts. The result is many small pieces of hair that blend very seamlessly and look like your natural hair. With wefts, they are clipped in underneath your natural hair and are more difficult to blend. With the micro link technique, one small strand of extensions and your real hair are linked together so you don’t have any big pieces of hair. This is very important for achieving natural hair movement and it’s obvious that many individual pieces of hair move much more freely and naturally than a couple of big wefts of hair that are clipped on.

Keeps Your Natural Locks Intact

When you’re thinking about changing your hairstyle and doing something different, the main problem is that you have no idea whether it will even look good on you. This is usually what stops people from experimenting with their look, it is simply safer to stick with the old hairstyle that you had for years, however boring it is. Micro link extensions allow you to try out literally any hairstyle imaginable without committing to it fully. You can try different lengths, colors, and textures and if you don’t like it, simply remove the extensions and you’re back to normal. Another great thing is that you don’t have to risk damaging your natural strands in any way. Once you trim your natural locks, there’s no going back so you better hope your hairdresser has done a good job. Also, coloring can go wrong, especially when you experiment with unique shades, not to mention it can severely damage your precious locks. Micro link extensions are the easiest way of avoiding those risks altogether.

Extremely Secure

Since links are used for the installation process, that makes them a much more secure option than clips, tapes, or fusion. The small rings are made from high-quality materials and cannot break. When the hair is pulled through them and they are clamped down with pliers, it is completely secured. Even if you pull on it, there’s no chance anything will come off. This is a very big plus because everybody wants to feel at ease when wearing extensions and not worry about hair coming off or something breaking.

Does Not Damage Hair

Micro link extensions don’t use any glue unlike tape-ins and the fusion method and because of that, it is even less likely that the hair will be damaged in any way. Hair damage is usually the main concern for anybody who is thinking about getting extensions and that is completely normal and expected. Nobody wants to do something that will destroy their natural hair. So rest assured that micro links are one of the safest options and if installed, maintained, and removed properly, there should be no hair damage whatsoever.

Easy to Maintain

All extensions require care and that’s something everybody has to get used to, but some need more and others to need less maintenance. Micro links are the type of extensions that are pretty easy to take care of. Since you don’t take them off every day like clip-ins, you don’t have to separately wash your hair and then the extensions. A couple of things you need to get used to is being generally more careful with your hair, not scrubbing aggressively when washing, and not letting your hair loose when sleeping. But those things become a habit very quickly and it’s not a big deal. You should also choose products that are very mild and moisturizing. Brushing regularly is a must and that is what keeps your extensions tangle-free and extends their life. But those are the things that you should do with your natural hair anyway, so don’t get nervous about the maintenance.

Long Lasting

If you buy micro link hair extensions that are made from real human hair with all the cuticles aligned, that means that they are high-quality and won’t become unwearable after a few months. So you should be very careful about what kind of extensions you are buying. The method itself is also pretty non-damaging and if you take proper care of them, you can expect longevity. You do have to reapply micro links after your hair grows out, but the hair will keep its quality and you can use them over and over again, up to one year!

Easy To Remove

Another great thing about micro links is that they are so easy to remove. Tape-in or fusion methods are much more complicated for example because you also have to remove the glue residue. With micro links, the extensions are unclamped from the hair and come right off. This can easily be done at home so there’s no need for making appointments at the salon.

Heatless and Glue-less

Although it is proven that extension methods that use heat or glue are harmful whatsoever, some girls are still hesitant. Those methods, like hot fusion for example, also take a lot more time and skill which means you have to pay extra money for the installation if you’re not confident in doing it yourself, which many aren’t. Glue is a tricky substance that is difficult to handle and it’s very important to get it right the first time because mending mistakes is not as simple. That’s why many women choose micro link extensions. It is a great alternative to hot fusion and requires no glue, tape, or heat for installation. For that reason, it is also called the cold fusion method. Even if you make a mistake during the installation and don’t attach a strand properly, it is very easy to remove it and try again. There will be no harm or damage done, so even beginners can take a shot at this method.


Many stores allow you to completely customize your micro link extensions. You can choose a custom length (usually going from 6 to 30 inches), texture (straight, body wave, deep wave, kinky curly, deep curl, funmi, yaki, etc.), and color (premium stores offer hundreds of shades as well as customized two-tone or three-tone colors in an ombre style). So if you think you get generic extensions everybody else has, you would be wrong because you can create a unique look. Customization is also important for those who want to get an exact match of their natural strands. To do that, you need a matching texture and shade while the length is optional.


You might think that Remy extensions are quite expensive so you’re checking out synthetic options. But did you know that it’s not necessary to settle for low-quality hair when you can purchase high-quality Remy extensions for a very reasonable and low price? For example, AiryHair offers micro link extensions made out of genuine Remy hair starting from $25. Even long, 20’ extensions don’t cost more than $35 which is affordable.

Micro Link Extensions Cons

Now that we have covered all the amazing features and advantages of micro link extensions, here is the other side of the coin. There are no real negative aspects, but just some characteristics that some might perceive as disadvantages.

Takes Some Getting Used To

When you first apply them, you might feel the links on your head, especially when you’re sleeping. They are also pretty tight on your roots at the beginning so you might feel a bit of pulling. But that is something that lasts only for the first couple of days, and you simply get used to the links. Frankly, any kind of extensions may feel a bit weird at first just because it’s something new that you’ve never experienced before. But it all becomes so normal quickly and is nothing to worry about.

Longer Installation Process

Micro links do take a longer time to put in than clip-ins, for example. But the good thing is that you don’t have to do it every day. The installation process lasts for about three hours, but it’s worth it.

Requires Regular Maintenance

Since this is a semi-permanent method, it does require regular maintenance. Your hair grows and if you don’t reapply the extensions, they will become visible. That’s why you need to make appointments every 8 weeks on average (depending on how fast your hair grows), and re-apply the micro links. Keep in mind that you don’t have to buy new extensions, you can reinstall the ones you already have since they last for such a long time.

Micro Link Strands Can Detach If Not Secured Properly

Although this happens very rarely, micro link extensions might detach and fall out. There are a couple of reasons why this can happen. Since the strands are attached using micro or nano beads, they must be properly secured. If the bead is not shut tight with the pliers, the strand might simply slip out. But even if that happens, it’s not a huge disaster because it won’t even be noticeable and you can simply reapply the detached strand in a minute. Another reason why this might happen is due to not being careful enough when washing or brushing. Although it is highly unlikely, if you apply any kind of force or tug on the extensions, the strands might detach. So it’s a good idea to be slightly more careful when wearing micro links to avoid such risks and enjoy your extensions experience fully.

How to Attach Micro Link Hair Extensions

1. To start, section off your head at the back of your head, above your neckline. Pin the rest of the hair up so it is not in the way.
2. Now you need to take one small strand of your wavy hair and pull it through the micro link.
3. Pull it up to the roots and clamp it down with pliers. The link is now secured and is not going anywhere.
4. Now repeat this process on different parts of your hair, making sure that there some space between the links.

Why Body Weave Micro Link Extensions are Awesome

1. Wavy locks will make you stand out from the crowd.
2. Wavy hair is something many girls dream about, you get to rock them without winning the gene lottery.
3. Long wavy hair looks incredible and every color breathes life to your hairstyle.
4. Forget about styling your hair for hours, waves are always ready to go.
5. Wavy hair is perfect for special occasions and parties.
6. The links on the extensions are completely invisible so you can let your hair go wild.
7. Wavy hair enables you to look glamorous all the time, even when you’re not trying.
8. You can forget about struggling with the curling iron and damaging your hair.
9. Waves have the attitude and are always going to be cooler than straight hair.
10. If you go with extra-long extensions, you can look like one of these shampoo commercial girls.

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Quality hair - Review by Charlie
I’m the type of girl who loves to have long hair and I’m not afraid of bold and bright colors, ombre, sombre, whatever goes. So these extensions are just made for me. I love that they come in strands so I can use many different colors and create many different and unique hairstyles. I recommend them for anyone who likes either long hair or crazy colors :)
Thanks - Review by Brewer
Before I buy my extensions, I always want to make sure that I’m making the right choice, so I ask a ton of questions about the product. I want to thank the customer service for putting up with me and all of my questions and demands, you’ve been great, I’ll definitely buy again!
body weave baby! - Review by Nicolas
You might laugh but I am a man and I do wear bw extensions. So be it, but i wanted to share that i aboslutelly love your company and thank you for express shipping

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