Successful Order Tips

Shopping Tips In 60 Seconds

Fast and Simple Shopping Tips

Successful Payment

We will help you to get your hair extensions as soon as possible! Simply follow this step by step guide and enjoy your new look. Still having issues? Check Step 6 for 100% success rate instructions.

Step 1: Try using an alternative payment method

Credit Card Alternative

Having troubles with PayPal? Try using our credit card alternative!

Step 2: Alternative payment method failed?

Some banks prevent their cards from shopping online, if your card gets rejected again, please try another card or proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Don't have a PayPal account? Register for free!

If you use PayPal and don't have an account yet, please click here to signup before making a payment. It's free, secure, and takes only seconds!

Step 4: Check your billing and shipping details

Please make sure that your billing and shipping details are accurate and match those of your PayPal account(s) or credit cards.

Step 5: Already have an account with AiryHair?

AiryHair Login

In that case, please click here to login before adding an item to your shopping cart.

Step 6: 100% Success Rate Checkout

Successful Payment

Still having issues?

Click here to send us a message with your PayPal ID (E-Mail) + Order # and we will generate a manual invoice for you!

Want to use a credit card? Contact us with your Order # only and let us take care of the rest.

We promise to fix everything in under few hours.

Thank you!
The AiryHair Team