Men Toupees (Mono Wigs) for Balding Spots

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Hair Extensions and Wigs for Men or Balding Females

Men Toupees (Mono Wigs) for Balding Spots, Before & After
Thinning hair issues aside, a common problem that men and women experience are the balding spots. While women have so much more hair to begin and play with, it’s a different story for males. It does not get easier when it comes to hair products and extensions. Not everyone needs 30-inch weaves! We’ve heard you loud and clear! With so many wig options available, it does get tricky. What kind of wig should one buy if he or she is balding? How do you cover balding spots anyway? We have been in business for over a decade and do know the best and worst options to mask balding hair. Simplicity is a virtue, and that’s why we have decided to go with a mono wig! It’s simply the best type there is.

What’s a Monofilament Wig?

Also known as mono, it’s a type of wig with the micro-mesh sewn-in at the crown area. These caps can last for months if not years and are extremely durable. While other wig types have just few layers (lace caps, silk base caps), this is not one of them. It’s a perfect wig to mask hair loss and balding spots.

In addition to that, it will allow your hair to move without any friction! That’s an essential part of a wig that does not reveal itself. Lastly, monofilament wigs have a special opening, which will ensure an even temperature in the hottest of the days.

Since mono caps require a tremendous amount of craftsmanship’s, they are not as affordable as some of our other wigs. However, you always get what you pay for! Since we don’t need to have wigs of 20” or more inches, the entry level price is much lower.

First Time Buying a Wig? Don’t Worry!

Let’s cover some of the basics to get you started! However, before that, here are the specifications of our toupees.

Mono Wig Features & Other Details

Base Size: 8” to 10”
Hair Type: High Quality Indian Hair
Density: Medium
Length: 6”
Color: #1B

How Do I Determine the Size of My Base?

It all depends on the balding spots and their intensity. The bigger the number - the larger your piece will be.

Small Hair Loss Area (5*7)

The following cap option is for men who want to cover isolated areas of their hair loss. For example, a crown area. Sometimes it does not make sense to go with the massive piece, especially when you have a lot of hair left!

Medium Hair Loss Area (6*8 to 6*9)

This is ideal for most men and is suited for common male balding patterns. In other words, if your crown area and hairline in the front is starting to show, we recommend 6*8 or 6*9 configuration. It will cover balding spots and bring back the joy of styling your hair again.

Large Hair Loss Area (7*9 to 8*10)

This cap size will cover your head from the front to the back. It does not cover the side-burns, but balding spots do not usually begin in these areas. If you have just a small fraction of hair left on your sides, buy the following.

Will Everyone Know that I Have a Wig?

Your friends will know that something is up. One does not simply grow that much hair in few hours! However, if you mean people outside your close circle, then the answer is no. Even when the wind is blowing. The point of mono wig is to look as natural as humanly possible. Truth to be told, there is nowhere to go form there. The hair looks as if it was yours.

I Have So Many More Questions?!

We have an extensive article that answers all the questions about hair wigs, their care and so much more. Please have a read.

Shipping Times & Returns

We process toupee orders within 24 to 48 business hours and ship products in 2 to 4 business days. To learn about shipping times and express delivery options, please check our shipping page.

Due to the hygienic restrictions, wigs cannot be returned. However, if you get a wrong wig by a mistake, we will cover all the costs and ship you a new one!


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