Hair Extensions Help Resources and Knowledge Base

Hair Extensions Help Resources and Knowledge Base
Over the years, we have written dozens of valuable articles that should answer pretty much all the questions related to hair extensions. Below, we have decided to list most of these in the organized fashion.

For installation tips, double vs. single drawn and Remy premium plus information, please check our product pages as well.

First Time Buyers

The Complete Guide for Buying and Wearing Hair Extensions
The very first article you or anyone buying extensions should read.

Body Wave (Deep, Loose) vs. Curly (Deep, Kinky) vs. Yaki and Funmi
Not sure what texture to get? Please read this.

All Hair Extension Colors in a Chart
The most extensive color guide on the planet.

Hair Extensions 101 - Everything You Need To Know
A short guide covering some basics.

Color Matching: Hair Extensions for the Colorblind
A color guide for anyone who is colorblind.

Top 5 Hair Extensions Secret Tricks
Just some basics on how to achieve a long lasting hold, blending tips and more.

6 Hair Extension Myths Debunked
Why extensions do not damage your hair and other details explained.

Synthetic vs. Human Hair Extensions
Why you should not go with synthetic hair.

Tape-in Hair Extensions? Advantages vs. Disadvantages
Here we tell you why you should go with tape ins (or not).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Virgin Remy Hair Extensions
Have you heard about the virgin hair? Learn more here.

Clip-on Hair Advantages and Disadvantages
What is clip in hear and why should you wear them.

What Does “X Grams (g)” Of Hair Extensions Mean?
Already covered in the basic guide but we did a separate post as well.

Hair Care

How To Detangle Your Hair or Extensions?
Hair tangling prevention tips and tricks.

Tips for Sleeping With Hair Extensions
Follow these steps and sleep like a baby.

Best Shampoos and Conditioners for Hair Extensions
Unsure what shampoos are the best? This guide is for you.

How to Repair Damaged, Tangled, and Dried Out Hair Extensions
A simple, step by step tutorial on how to repair damaged hair.

How to Get Your Hair Healthier and Grow Faster?
Hydration, washing, massage and other tips.

How to Care for Your Tape-in Hair Extensions
Written for tape hair but will work for any.

Ultimate Hair Extension Care and Styling Guide
Covers brushing, washing, drying and styling.

Hair Textures and Features

Also check the top two posts for the first time buyers.

Babylights - All You Need to Know
Babylights, what are they and how do they look.

Double Drawn vs. Single Drawn Hair Extensions
What is double drawn hair and why should you care?

Ombré, Sombre, Balayage – What Is the Difference?
Learn how to distinguish between these hairstyles.

Installation, Removal and Fusion

How to Install Hair Extensions on Short Hair?
A title is pretty much self explanatory.

At-Home Tutorial for I-Tip Extensions
Color selection, installation and other tidbits.

Tape-in Hair Extension Application Steps
Learn how to install tape hair yourself.

Micro Loop Extension Do-It-Yourself Guide
Everything about micro ring loops.

How to Remove Tape-In or Hot Fusion Keratin Hair Extensions at Home?
Learn how to remove hot fusion or tape in extensions at home.

Tools for Applying and Removing Hair Extensions
Some of the tools for removing any hair extensions.


Hundreds of Awesome Hair Color Ideas
Check our blog for some of the best, most creative hairstyles and hair dyes on the planet.